FAQs about kerbside bins

What can go in each bin?

Be a good sort and get the right things in the right bins:

Organics bin

Recycling bin

Landfill bin

When should I put out my bins?

Please put your bins out the night before collection or prior to 5.30am on the day of collection.

Where should I place my bins?

Place bins on the nature strip in front of your property where the collection vehicles can easily access them. Bins should be one metre apart and one metre back from the street. Also make sure the bins aren’t near obstructions like street signs, power poles, trees or vehicles.

Can I get an extra/larger bin?

Yes: Apply for an extra or a larger bin(PDF, 54KB)

Maintenance and replacement of bins

Kerbside bins remain the property of council, but you must look after them and keep them clean. If a bin is stolen, lost or damaged, fill out a bin replacement form.

Why does it look like the same truck is collecting the contents of my landfill and my recycling bins?

Some of our collection trucks are divided so they can collect both your recycling and your general waste, then drop off the collections separately at the recycling facility and the landfill. You’ll usually see these trucks in smaller townships.

How do I get a bin for my newly-built house?

When our rates team receives a certificate of occupancy from the building surveyor, they will automatically put in a customer request to have your bins delivered to your newly-built house.

How many bins do I get at my property?

Urban properties receive a 120 litre landfill bin, a 240 litre recycling bin, and a 240 litre organics bin.

Rural properties receive a 240 litre landfill bin and a 240 litre recycle bin.

Can I get my garbage collected in a rural area?

Yes: Apply for rural garbage collection(PDF, 38KB)

Will waste services change on extreme and code red fire danger days?


Day of extreme fire danger rating:

  • Kerbside bins will be collected earlier in the day (starting from 12am). Please make sure your bins are out the evening before.
  • Anglesea Landfill will open from 5am to 10am.
  • Anglesea Transfer Station will open from 9am to 10am.
  • Lorne and Winchelsea Transfer Stations will be closed.

Day of code red fire danger rating:

  • No kerbside collections. Collections will occur on the following day(s)
  • All transfer stations and the Anglesea Landfill will be closed.

Where do I take items that can’t go in my kerbside bins?

Recycling other waste

Waste disposal sites

Where can I drop off my waste if I’m a holiday home owner and won’t be around for bin night?

Drop off you waste at one of these drop off points.