Karaaf Wetlands – Stormwater management


We recognise the significant environmental and cultural value of the Karaaf Wetlands on Wadawurrung Country, and we acknowledge the impact of stormwater on the ecological health of the wetlands.

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27 April: Reinstating Esplanade pipe system a viable option to reduce stormwater entering Karaaf

21 April 2023: The Karaaf Wetands Program update will be considered by Council at the 26 April Council meeting. Read the agenda.

9 February 2023: Apply to join Karaaf Wetlands Community Reference Group

19 October 2022: Council to consider findings of Karaaf Wetlands assessments


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View the stormwater and environmental assessments

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View the assessment report scope summaries:

Karaaf Wetlands open information session October 2022

Thanks to everyone who joined us in person and online for our open information session on Thursday 27 October 2022.  The session heard from the authors of the assessments and got an overview of the findings and next steps from Council.

Here are responses to questions, which were asked at the session.

Here is the recording of the session:


Project timeline

 Initial project program development – completed October 2021

 Development of governance model and engagement of key stakeholders – completed November 2021

 Initial background research and analysis - completed December 2021 – Feb 2022

 Project 1 and 2 scoping – completed February 2022

 Project 1 and 2 consultants appointed to complete assessments of Karaaf Wetlands and north Torquay stormwater system –completed April 2022

 Comprehensive independent audit of Zeally Sands and Dunes wetlands – completed May 2022

Project 1 and 2 initial observations of assessments of Karaaf Wetlands and north Torquay stormwater system - July 2022

  Project 3 and 4 scoping and procurement planning - July 2022

✓ Project 1 and 2 release findings of environmental and north Torquay stormwater system assessments - October 2022

 Project 3 and 4 commenced - November 2022

 |  Project 3 and 4 draft recommendations - July 2023

 |  Project 6 draft outcomes – September 2023 (following 3-month consultation period)

 |  Project 3 and 4 final outcomes - November 2023




Wetlands location: