Karaaf Wetlands update

Published on 19 September 2022

Karaaf Wetlands

The Karaaf Wetlands is a very special place, and we are focused on making sure it is protected into the future.

We’re pleased with the progress being made on the stormwater and environmental assessments.

This work will help Surf Coast Shire Council and other agencies better understand:

  • the functionality of the north Torquay stormwater system
  • the environmental health of the Karaaf Wetlands at this point in time.

The independent assessments are being finalised and we look forward to sharing the findings with you in October.

Council is committed to addressing the stormwater issues that we are responsible for to ensure we take the best approach to managing issues in both the short and long-term.

There are many government agencies involved with the Karaaf Wetlands alongside adjoining land owners. We want to work together with them on a holistic and adaptive management approach for the Karaaf, which allows for different climatic conditions into the future.

Part of this work will include drawing on the wisdom and knowledge of the Wadawurrung Traditional Owners in healing and caring for country.

The more information and expert technical advice we can gather now and in coming months, the more thorough and considered our approach will be in the long-term.   



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