Draft Budget 2022-23

Submissions close 24 May 2022


Surf Coast Shire Council has adopted the Draft Budget 2022-23, and is now seeking community feedback.

View the Draft Budget 2022-23(PDF, 10MB)

A summary of key elements of the Draft Budget 2022-23 is provided below. 

We welcome your input by 10am, 24 May 2022; submissions can be made online, or in writing. 

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In writing: Chief Executive Officer, Surf Coast Shire Council, PO Box 350, Torquay, VIC 3228 

Linking to our Council Plan

This is the first budget based on the recently-adopted 2021-25 Council Plan, which features Environmental Leadership as one of seven themes. This budget demonstrates we are committed to continuing important work to address our climate emergency, including initiatives that have contributed to a proud, imminent achievement as a carbon neutral organisation.

The budget also aligns with the remaining Council Plan themes - First Nations Reconciliation, Healthy Connected Community, Sustainable Growth, Robust and Diverse Economy, Arts and Creativity, and Accountable and Viable Council.

This is highlighted through funding for initiatives aimed at developing stronger recognition of our Aboriginal heritage and relationships with Traditional Owners groups; a $88,000 investment to expand the arts and culture program; and a $35,000 increase to the much-loved and important community grants program.

Proposed rate increase

The Draft Budget includes a proposed rate increase of 1.75 per cent, in line with the rate cap set by the Victorian Government. The annual increase in rate revenue is essential for Council’s future viability, and ability to support the community and meet its aspirations.

Capital Works and projects

A $34.5 million capital works program lays the foundation for the budget, while $11.6 million is allocated for renewing our existing assets – headlined by the $2.1 million Winchelsea Pool renewal – and $12.9 million for roads upgrades, maintenance and renewal.

Key projects in the Draft Budget include:

Anglesea Landfill Stage 4 Rehabilitation

$ 3,000,000

Winchelsea Swimming Pool Renewal

$ 2,142,000

Pollocksford Road Bridge Renewal

$ 2,051,060

Extension to the Public Library Stage 2 (CY05c) (Subject to Successful Grant)

$ 2,050,000

Deans Marsh Community Hall Renewal Redevelopment

$ 1,144,000

820 Horseshoe Bend Road Reconstruction Works to Blackgate Road

$ 600,000

Torquay Central & North (OR01) - Deep Creek West and Contributions to Developer Works

$ 475,000

Eastern Reserve Netball Courts Renewal

$ 302,000

Construct Regional Bike Route Along Great Ocean Road (PC08) - Strathmore Dr to Bellbrae

$ 230,000

Sparrow Avenue Anglesea Drainage and Road Upgrade

$ 188,000

View the Draft Budget

Making a submission

Any person wishing to make a written submission on the Draft Budget 2022-23 may do so.

Submissions can be made by:

  • Online form
  • Write to: Chief Executive Officer, Surf Coast Shire Council, PO Box 350, Torquay, VIC 3228 

Submissions close 10am Tuesday 24 May 2022.

Anyone making a submission can request to present to Council at a Special Council Meeting for Hearing Submissions, which will take place at 6pm on Monday 30 May 2022 via Zoom.

Following consideration of public submissions, Council proposes to adopt the final 2022-23 Budget Report at the Council meeting on Tuesday 28 June 2022.