Road sealing and drainage works - Sparrow Avenue and Edward Street

Feedback has now closed


Council is considering constructing and sealing Sparrow Avenue and Edward Street in Anglesea. This project has been requested by a few local residents, but will only proceed if there is a majority of support from affected property owners.

If it proceeds, the project would be considered as a ‘Special Charge Scheme’. This means the cost of the project would be funded in part by Council, and in part by property owners who are considered to benefit from the works.

Thanks to everyone who shared their feedback via the recent survey. We will review all responses before Council makes a decision about next steps.

For more information about this project please contact us at 5261 0600.

Depending on resident feedback, proposed works may include:

  • Installation of underground drainage and driveway improvements to replace the deep table drains.
  • Pavement construction and a two coat bitumen seal between 4.5m and 5.0m wide, similar to the existing Sparrow Avenue pavement at McMillan Street.
  • Sealing of the road intersections.
  • Construction of kerb and channel.