The Surf Coast Agribusiness Network

The Surf Coast Agribusiness Network is a Council initiative with a vision to support communication and ongoing practice improvement in the Shire’s diverse range of agri/food and agribusiness producers.

We also hold farm focus workshops, supporting and upskilling local producers with access to the latest in best-practice land management and agribusiness information. These actions support the implementation and delivery of the Rural Hinterland Futures Strategy and the Sustainable Agribusiness Strategy for the G21 Region (2017 – 2022).

Surf Coast Agribusiness Digest

The Agribusiness Network’s seasonal newsletter, the Surf Coast Agribusiness Digest, provides updates for local producers throughout the agribusiness supply chain on agricultural news, grants, events and learning opportunities.

The most recent Agribusiness Digest stories can also be found the Latest News section of this website.

Our Agribusiness Strategies

Sustainable Agribusiness Strategy for the G21 Region

Sustainable Agribusiness for the G21 region.JPG In 2017, Council endorsed the City of Greater Geelong’s Sustainable Agribusiness Strategy for the G21 Region and committed to supporting the strategy’s implementation.

The purpose of the strategy is to provide a framework that will guide both government and private sector investment decisions on how best to assist ongoing growth and development of the agribusiness sector. Thus, the strategy is designed to facilitate growth. Growth in output, income, value-add, exports and local sales. A growing industry will add vitality to our region and provide new and exciting jobs for our community.

Sustainable Agribusiness Strategy for the G21 Region (redirects to City of Greater Geelong website)

Rural Hinterland Futures Strategy

Rural Hinterland Futures Strategy.JPG In May 2019, Council adopted the Rural Hinterland Futures Strategy. The strategy is shared between Council’s Economic Development and Planning departments and provides a vision for the sustainable growth and prosperity of the Surf Coast Hinterland economy while protecting and enhancing the valuable rural environment.

Both strategies encourage and support the ongoing growth and development of the region’s vibrant agricultural and associated agribusiness economies.

View the strategy here: Rural Hinterland Futures Strategy – Adopted May 2019

The G21 Agri Collective

The G21 region is home to a diverse range of primary producers, a mature food processing sector, as well as farm inputs and agritourism sectors. Coupled with innovative research,The-Agri-Collective-logo.png education and services providers, these sectors make up the Agribusiness industry, servicing the regional food and fibre supply chain, but also agricultural production supply chain of a large part of south-eastern Australia. 

The Agri Collective was developed as a key project for the implementation of the Sustainable Agribusiness Strategy for the G21 Region. It is a virtual hub, designed to be a one-stop shop for agribusinesses in the region to access news, information and grants, as well as facilitating connections between producers, customers and service providers.

The Agri Collective is maintained by the G21 Agribusiness Forum, in partnership with the five G21 Local Government Councils.

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