Mia de Rauch - Flipswitch Media

Mia De Rauch looking at her camera

Mia de Rauch - Flip Switch Media

I am the Managing Director of Flipswitch Media. Specialising in video production and video marketing strategy. My passion for the creative has allowed me to build a great team with a collaborative approach. Our aim is to collaborate with our clients from concept stage to delivery and onwards. With over 20 years’ experience, I know how to tell your story in the best and most direct way.

I understands the world of social media and how to gain the best leverage from engaging, connective video content. As well as managing all our clients and video shoots, I regularly conducts workshops on video marketing and distribution.

I also offer consultations to help small business owners learn the best techniques to create their own videos using their smartphones through to create video marketing strategies and plans for effective social media videos.

Mia can support your business under this program with:

Are you looking to get some help with how to create your own great photos for social media?

Have seen those great quick videos about business owners and would like to know where to start?

  1. Mia can help you with a 2 hour video consulting service
  2. Smartphone filming and editing techniques session



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