Community transport

Community bus

Community transport services fill some of the gaps in the public or private transport system. 

Community transport generally does not have fixed routes. It is usually run by community groups and not for profit organisations, and can provide door to door services. 

Community Buses

Council provides four community buses available for hire by community groups and not for profit organisations. The 12 seater buses are located at Torquay, Anglesea, Lorne and Winchelsea.

Hiring the bus, costs and eligibility

Transport as a part of home support services

Individualised assistance with transport to access medical services is available through the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP). Eligibility and assessment is required to access this service.

Learn more about transport as part of home support services

Medical Companion Service

Many people in regional Victoria have to travel to Melbourne for specialist medical appointments. Through the Medical Companions Service, Travellers Aid assists people able to travel independently but who are unfamiliar with Melbourne, or feel anxious using public transport alone. The service is free and can be booked by calling 1300 700 399.

Community Transport Services

The Torquay Senior Citizens Centre provides a bus service to club members for regular shopping trips, weekly swimming activities and other club activities.  For more information contact Aileen on 5261 2990.