Where to walk your dogs


Download Surf Coast Shire Dog Regulations map(PDF, 2MB)

We all know dogs love the beach, so Council has some rules in place to keep dogs, humans and the environment safe and happy.

The basic rule is, all dogs are required to be on a leash in all public places in township areas unless it is a designated off leash area.

Off leash areas include some reserves and some beaches, but in these areas dogs must still be under effective control.

What is effective control?

When your dog is called it must return to you immediately. If it doesn't, pop it back on the lead.

Where are the dog-free zones?

The Surf Coast dog regulations map(PDF, 2MB) shows all areas where dog are and are not allowed, but remember they are never allowed in playgrounds (even if they are allowed in the reserve around the playground), national parks, or environmentally sensitive areas including Point Roadknight which is a known breeding ground for the vulnerable hooded plover.

Over peak visitor periods including summer and the Easter weekend, timeshare restrictions operate on some popular beaches that are often crowded during the day. This means dogs aren't allowed in certain areas from 9am - 7pm.

You can check dog controls in any area by looking for signs or checking the Surf Coast dog regulations map(PDF, 2MB) . Get a hard copy of the map at any Visitor Information Centre or Council's Torquay office.