What's accepted at disposal sites

Costs updated for 2021-2022 financial year

Guide to estimating rates:

  • Boot load ~ 0.25 m3
  • Level small trailer ~ 0.5 m3
  • Level large trailer or heaped small trailer ~ 1m3
Type of waste Cost Where can I take it?
e-waste (electronic waste - anything with a cord or plug, and batteries, light globes) FREE  All sites
 White goods
 no charge
 All sites
 Metals  no charge
 All sites
Household general waste (uncompacted) $101/m3

 All sites

Household hard waste (uncompacted) $101/m3  All sites
Commercial waste (uncompacted)
$101/m3  All sites
Commercial/industrial waste (compacted)
$223/tonne  Anglesea only
Commercial hard waste (uncompacted)
 All sites
Green waste (garden prunings) $33/m3 All sites (max 3 cubic metres)
Recyclables - separated into materials
(incl cardboard, glass bottles/jars, rigid plastics)

less than 0.5m3 is free

$15/m3 (over 0.5m3)

Glass and cardboard - all sites

Rigid plastics -  Anglesea only


less than 0.5m3 is free

$15/m3 (over 0.5m3)

Lorne and Anglesea only
Construction/demolition waste
(min 0.5 tonne)
Anglesea Landfill
(clean, recyclable)

Anglesea: $67/tonne
(min 0.5 tonne)

Lorne: $101/m3

Anglesea Landfill

Lorne Transfer Station

(min 0.5 tonne)
Anglesea Landfill
Clean fill
$24.50/tonne Anglesea Landfill
Tree stumps $44/tonne Anglesea
Car tyre $9.50 each All sites
 Motorcycle tyre
 $5  All sites
Light truck tyre/4WD $11 each

All sites

Truck tyre $22.50 each All sites
Car bodies & Caravans $63 each item All sites
Mattresses/bases $24.50 each item All sites
Clean sand no charge Anglesea Landfill

Waste auto oil recycling no charge Anglesea only
drumMUSTER drums no charge Winchelsea only
Auto and marine batteries no charge All sites
Televisions no charge All sites
Item for purchase Cost Where can I buy it?
Pasteurised mulch $16/m3 Anglesea, Lorne and Winchelsea transfer stations
(subject to availability)
Second hand bins $16.50 each Anglesea Landfill
(subject to availability)
Timber grindings no charge Anglesea Landfill
(subject to availability)
Ground plaster no charge Anglesea Landfill
(subject to availability)
Crushed masonry

 Lorne Landfill

(subject to availability)