Advertising signage

What is it?

This is an application to add a sign to a site to advertise or provide directions to a business.

Your documents should help us to understand what impact your proposal will have on your property and the surrounding area.

Keywords: Advertising, banners, business, home-based business, promotions, signage 

Relevant links

Surf Coast Planning Scheme:

Application requirements

Required for ALL applications

  • Written description of your proposal
  • Fully dimensioned plans at a scale of 1:100:
  • site plans
  • floor plans (as applicable)
  • Any support documents and images (e.g. reports and photographs) (as applicable)
  • Report of selected materials, colours and finishes (as applicable)

Required for THIS application

  • Fully dimensioned plans at a scale of 1:100:
  • site plan
  • elevation plans
  • Signage plan, including:
  • content 
  • illumination details
  • dimensions 
  • height of the sign from ground level
  • distance of the sign from the property boundaries
  • how the sign will be displayed on the site (e.g. fixed to wall, freestanding structure, etc.)
  • recent images of the proposed sign location
  • recent images of the area surrounding the sign
  • Site visit: advise whether access to the site needs to be prearranged


Photographs of site context and proposed sign location

Image of service station signage and surrounding road

Site context and signage plan

black and white aerial picture of a site plan for a building

Sign content and dimensions

Example of a sign petrol station with dimensions

image examples of signs

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