General kerbside service FAQs

What can go in each bin?

As a general rule:

  • FOGO bin: all organic material including food and garden waste
  • Recycling bin: rigid plastics with the numbers 1-5, uncoated paper and cardboard, and metal.
  • Glass-only bin: glass bottles and jars (without their lids)
  • Landfill bin: general household rubbish that doesn’t go in the other three bins.

To find out details of what goes in each bin, download SCRRApp, Council’s waste and recycling app.

Or you can look at the following pages for each bin:

FOGO bin

Recycling bin


Landfill bin

How does Council know what's in my bin?

We undertake bin inspections and waste and resource audits throughout the year to collect data that is used to develop community education campaigns.

Complete confidentiality is maintained during these audits.

When should I put out my bins?

Please put your bins out the night before collection or prior to 5.30am on the day of collection.

Under Council’s Local Law, bins must not be placed on the kerbside more than 24 hours before your scheduled collection day, and emptied bins should be returned to the property within 48 hours after the collection.

The property owner is responsible for ensuring the bins are presented for collection and removed from the kerbside within these time frames.

Penalties may apply for bins left out for an extended period.

Where should I put my bins?

Place bins on the nature strip in front of your property where the collection vehicles can easily access them.

Bins should be one metre apart and one metre back from the street.

Also make sure the bins aren’t near obstructions like street signs, power poles, trees or vehicles.

Can I get an extra/larger bin?

You sure can. There are fees associated with it. More information is on the forms - apply for an extra bin or apply for a larger bin 

You can also downsize any bins that are too big for your needs. There is no fee for downsizing your bins.

What if my bin is broken?

Kerbside bins remain the property of council, but you must look after them and keep them clean.

If a bin is stolen, lost or damaged, fill out a bin replacement form.

Why does the same truck collect the contents of my landfill and my recycling bins?

Some of our collection trucks are divided into two compartments (known as split body trucks), allowing them to collect both your recycling and your general waste. The collections are kept separate within the truck and then dropped off at the recycling facility and the landfill.

You’ll usually see these trucks in smaller townships, where there are less properties to collect waste from. Using just one truck for both waste streams means fewer trucks travelling on our roads.

How do I get a bin for my newly-built house?

Have you recently built a new home? If your occupancy certificate has been issued, you can now apply for your kerbside bin service. The service is optional for rural households.

Rural garbage collection application

Urban garbage collection application

Not sure if your property is rural or urban?

Download the map(PDF, 360KB) to see which area your property is in, or contact us on 5261 0600.

Can I get my garbage collected in a rural area?

Residents of properties that are classified as rural have a choice of whether or not to use Council's kerbside waste collection service.

If you choose to use Council's service, you will use the four bin system.

If you choose not to use Council's service, you will need to manage your own waste, and will not receive a waste charge. Here are some ideas on how to manage your own waste:

  • Compost your own food and garden organics on your property.
  • Engage a private company to collect your waste.
  • Take your waste to the transfer station.

Apply for rural waste collection

How many bins do I get at my property?

All properties receive a:

  • 240 litre recycling bin
  • 240 litre organics bin
  • 140 litre glass-only bin
  • 120 or 140 litre landfill bin

Will waste services change on extreme and catastrophic fire danger days?


Day of Extreme fire danger rating:

  • Kerbside bins will be collected earlier in the day (starting from 12am) and finish by 10am. Please make sure your bins are out the evening before.
  • Anglesea Landfill will open from 5am to 10am.
  • Anglesea Transfer Station will open from 9am to 10am.
  • Lorne Transfer Station will be closed.
  • Winchelsea Transfer Station services may be impacted depending on the local risk rating. Please call customer service on 5261 0600 to confirm.
  • Torquay Waste Drop Off - no change to service (8am-noon on Tues, Thurs, Sat, Sun and public holidays (except Christmas Day). Closed Mon, Wed, Fri and Christmas Day.

Day of Catastrophic fire danger rating:

  • No kerbside collections. Collections will occur on the following day(s)
  • All transfer stations, Torquay Waste Drop Off and the Anglesea Landfill will be closed.

Where do I take items that can’t go in my kerbside bins?

Check out what's accepted at the transfer stations

Find out what to do with ewaste

See how to recycle other items

Where can I drop off my waste if I’m a holiday home owner and won’t be around for bin night?

Holiday home owners/part time residents can drop off recyclables and a small amount of general household waste at any time when leaving Surf Coast Shire.

  • Torquay – 130 Messmate Road, please follow the signs to drop-off facility adjacent to the Surf Coast Shire Torquay works depot. The drop off point is clearly marked with signs. Do not deposit waste at any other location within 130 Messmate Road.
  • Anglesea – Anglesea Landfill and Transfer Station at 50 Coalmine Road - when the transfer station is closed you can use the drop-off at the old entrance, 100m west of the new entrance (see where that is on this map)(JPG, 388KB)
  • Lorne - Lorne Transfer Station at 370 Erskine Falls Road. When the transfer station is closed you can use the drop-off outside.

Please do not place green waste, furniture or white goods at the after-hours collection points. Keep recyclables loose - not in plastic bags, or else they won't be recycled.

How can I manage kerbside bins in my holiday home or rental property?

We have resources on our website and have worked with real estate agents and homeowners to help people who manage holiday homes ensure their guests understand the waste collection system.

If you manage a holiday home and still have questions, please get in touch so we can help you find what will work best at your property.

We suggest you encourage your visitors and guests to download SCRRApp, the Surf Coast Rubbish and Recycling App. It’s free and will tell them what goes in each bin, when the bins need to go out, and which bins should go on the kerb.

Can I choose to only pay for the bins I want to use?

No. Our kerbside waste service requires everyone to have the correct items in the correct bins. This requires the use of all four bins.

Rural properties can still choose whether or not they receive the service as a whole.

What if fortnightly general waste collection isn't enough in my household?

We'd love to help you get the most out of the four bin service. Get in touch so we can discuss what's going into your bins.

After that if the service isn't right for your household you can get an larger or additional bin for a fee.