Landfill bin (bright red lid)


Most general household waste that cannot go in your FOGO, recycling or glass-only bin goes in your kerbside landfill bin (bright red lid).

Some household waste such as e-waste (items with a cord, plug or battery) cannot go into any kerbside bin.

Your landfill bin is collected every fortnight in urban and rural collection areas.

When you put things in your landfill bin, they don’t just go away: they get buried at the Anglesea Landfill. The landfill will close in 2027 when it reaches its maximum waste capacity.

By separating your waste and using your kerbside bins correctly, you can help extend the life of the landfill and keep valuable resources in use for as long as possible.

What's accepted in my landfill bin?

In accordance with Council's waste strategies, the following items are accepted in your landfill bin:

Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Baby wipes
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Baking paper
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Bandaids
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Blister packs
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Biodegradable and degradable plastics
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Broken crockery, ceramics and mirrors
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Bubble wrap
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Cardboard boxes (waxed)
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Cardboard drinking cartons e.g. long life milk, juice, liquid stock
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Cling wrap and Glad wrap
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Clothing (that cannot be repaired or reused)
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Compostable food packaging e.g. plates, bowls, cutlery
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Coffee cups (takeaway)
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Coffee pods
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Cotton buds
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Dental floss
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Disposable razors
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Drinking glasses (whole & broken)
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Face masks
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Feminine hygiene products
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Foam meat trays
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Garden hose
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Hand wipes
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Long-life milk containers
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Nappies
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Paint (must be in closed container)
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Packing peanut
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Paper towel
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Pens & pencils
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Pet litter
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Plant pots (black)
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Plastic bags
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Plastic strapping
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Polystyrene cups
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Rope
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Rubber bands
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Sanitary & incontinence pads
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Shoes
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Shopping dockets & receipts
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Shredded paper
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Soft plastic packaging e.g. food wrappers, plastic bags etc.
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Tetrapaks
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Timber - treated and painted
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Toothpaste tubes
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Wipes (hand & baby)
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Wire

If you can't find your item above, search the A-Z guide.

Still can't find your item?

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What's NOT accepted in my landfill bin?

Cross-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Asbestos building products
Cross-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Batteries*
Building materials
Cross-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Chemicals & hazardous waste
Cross-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Concrete, bricks or building rubble
Cross-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg E-waste (items with a cord, plug or battery)
Cross-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Fire ash
Cross-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Food scraps
Cross-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Light globes*
Cross-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Liquids
Cross-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Garden waste e.g. lawn clippings, prunings, weeds
Cross-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Motor oil
Cross-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Poisons
Cross-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Polystyrene*
Cross-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Rocks
Cross-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Soil

*Items listed above with an asterisk (*) can be dropped off for free at your local transfer station.

If you can’t find your item in the lists above, search the A-Z guide.

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Can I get a bigger or extra landfill bin?

If the standard size landfill bin (120-140-litres) does not meet your household's waste requirements, you can request an extra or larger bin.

Apply for an extra LANDFILL bin (annual fees apply)

Exchange your bin for a larger LANDFILL bin (annual fees apply)

Landfill bin tips

  • Check what goes in your FOGO, recycling and glass-only bins and keep those items out of landfill.
  • Never put batteries, e-waste, liquids, hot ashes or chemicals in any bin.
  • Do not overfill your bin and ensure the lid can close. Residents are responsible for picking up litter from overfull bins.
  • Bags of household waste sitting next to bins will not be picked up.

FAQs about your LANDFILL bin