GLASS-only bin (purple lid)


Glass bottles and jars (without lids) go in the kerbside glass-only bin.

Your glass-only bin is collected every four weeks in urban and rural collection areas.

Glass collected in your kerbside glass-only bin is taken to a recycling depot in Geelong where it is crushed. Council uses the crushed glass as a replacement for quarried sand.

When glass bottles and jars are put in your recycling bin instead of your glass-only bin, it can make the recyclables in your yellow-lidded bin less valuable and difficult to recycle. Tiny shards of broken glass get caught in the paper and cardboard, which reduces it quality and may mean it can’t be recycled into new paper products.

What's accepted in my GLASS-only bin?

In accordance with Council's waste strategies, the following items are accepted in your glass-only bin:

Remove ALL lids from:

Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Beauty products e.g. foundation, face and eye creams
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Beer, wine & spirits
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Broken glass bottles & jars
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Champagne
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Chutney & relish jars
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg coloured bottles & jars e.g. amber, green, clear
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg condiments such as dijon, wholegrain mustard etc..
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Cough syrup
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Crushed ginger & minced garlic
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Curry paste
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Instant coffee
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Jam & honey
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Mayonnaise
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Medicine
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Olive oil
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Pasta bake
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Sauces e.g. tomato, barbecue, hoisin, satay etc.
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Spirits e.g. whiskey, gin, tequila
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Vinegar
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Vegemite
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Vitamins
Tick-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Wine bottles

If you can’t find your item, search the A-Z guide for a specific item.

Still can't find your item?

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What's NOT accepted in my GLASS-only bin?

Cross-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Aluminium cans
Cross-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Bags of household rubbish
Cross-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Batteries*
Cross-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Cardboard boxes
Cross-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Ceramics
Cross-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Corks
Cross-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Crockery
Cross-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Drinking glasses (broken or whole)
Cross-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Light globes*
Mirrors (broken or whole)
Cross-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Plastic bags
Cross-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Plastic drink bottles
Cross-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Plastic containers
Cross-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Pizza boxes
Cross-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Pottery e.g. plates, mugs, bowls etc..
Cross-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Pyrex dishes
Cross-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Window panes (broken or whole)
Cross-symbol-thumbnail.jpeg Window panes in frames

*Items listed above with an asterisk (*) can be dropped off for free at your local transfer station.

If you can't find your item above, search the A-Z guide.

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Can I get a bigger or extra GLASS-only bin?

If the standard-size glass-only bin (140-litres) does not meet your household’s needs, you can request an extra or larger bin.

Apply for an extra GLASS-only bin (annual fee)

Exchange your bin for a larger GLASS-only bin (once-off fee)

Glass-only bin tips

  • Empty all bottles and scrape jars to remove food residue
  • Put bottles and jars in the bin loose – no plastic bags or cardboard boxes
  • Metal collars (on bottles) and paper labels can stay on
  • Broken bottles and jars are accepted.
  • Broken drinking glasses are NOT accepted.
  • Up to 0.5m3 (about a car boot load) of glass bottles and jars are accepted free of charge at transfer stations
  • The metal collars around glass bottles can stay on the bottle.
  • Labels can stay on bottles and jars
  • Remove lids from ALL bottles and jars and put them in bins as follows:

- Beer bottle caps
Put them in the recycling bin. They are small, but magnets will pick them up off the sorting line.

- Wine & spirit bottle screw tops
Put them in the recycling bin. Specialist sorting equipment at the recycling facility creates a magnetic field for aluminium so the screw tops are picked up off the sorting line.

- Small plastic lids
Put them in your landfill bin. Lids smaller than a credit card, like from milk, juice and soft drink bottles, can get stuck and jam the sorting machines.