Recycling bin

Download a cheat sheet to see what goes in the recycle bin(PDF, 2MB)

yellow circle with recycling symbol

To be a GOOD SORT, make sure you put exactly the right things into your recycling bin. Contamination is the biggest problem – putting the wrong things in can mean the entire contents gets sent to landfill.

Our recycling is collected and processed by Cleanaway.


  • All items must go in loose; plastic bags must never go in your recycling bin.
  • Small plastic lids need to be removed and put in the general waste bin.
  • Metal lids can go into the recycle bin.
  • Lightly rinse items before putting in the bin.
  • Flatten boxes and cans so they take up less space.
  • Larger items of cardboard, rigid plastic and metals including whitegoods (up to 0.5m3) are accepted at no cost at our transfer stations.

What's accepted in my recycling bin?

Rigid plastics numbered 1 to 5*, which typically includes:
Milk and other plastic drink bottles
Yoghurt, ice cream and margarine tubs
Detergent and shampoo bottles
Berry punnets
Biscuit trays
Takeaway containers
Plastic plates

*Check the bottom of the item for a triangle containing a number

Paper and Cardboard
Milk and juice cartons no longer accepted for recycling - please place in your landfill bin
Boxes - uncoated
Junk mail
Envelopes (you can leave the clear windows in)
Egg cartons

What about empty pizza boxes? If the base is greasy or has food attached, rip the box apart and put the clean cardboard in the recycle bin, and the greasy part in your home compost or general waste bin.

Bottles and jars from drinks, beauty products, foods and vitamins – take the lids off and place metal lids in separately

Drink cans
Tins and cans (including Milo tins, etc)
 Metal lids
Empty aerosol cans (lid off)
Aluminium foil – scrunched into the size of a golf ball
Aluminium foil trays (rinsed clean)

DO NOT include these items:

X Milk or juice cartons (coated cardboard packaging made for holding liquids goes in the general waste bin)
X Takeaway coffee cups and lids (place in general waste bin)
X Any plastics not numbered 1-5
X Small plastic lids (plastic lids larger than credit card size can go in your recycling bin)
X Plastic bags of any sort (if you can, drop them into REDcycle bins at participating Coles and Woolworths stores)
X Clingwrap (put it in the general waste bin)
X Polystyrene foam (take it to a transfer station)
X Light globes and tubes (take them to a transfer station)
X Electrical items or appliances (take e-waste to a transfer station)
X Batteries (take them to a transfer station or battery collection tube)
Window glass
X Mirrors
X Broken drinking glasses
X Pyrex, crockery or ceramics
X Coffee pods (check to see if you can recycle yours somewhere)
X Video tapes
X Gas bottles
X Fabric or clothing
X Food scraps or garden organics
X Nappies
X Wire and rope
X Timber
X Hazardous or medical waste such as sharps or sharps containers

Where does my recycling go?

 Watch this video to see what happens to your recycling after it's collected.