Kerbside bins for rural properties


Residents of properties that are classified as rural have a choice of whether or not to use Council's kerbside waste collection service.

If you choose to use Council's service, you will be using the four bin system.

  • 240 litre recycling bin (collected fortnightly)
  • 240 litre FOGO (Food Organics and Garden Organics) bin for collecting ALL food and garden waste (collected fortnightly)
  • 140 litre landfill (general waste) bin (collected fortnightly)
  • 140 litre bin with a purple lid for separating glass (collected every four weeks)

Apply for a RURAL kerbside bin service

If you choose not to use Council's service, you will need to manage your own waste, and will not receive a garbage charge on your rates notice.

Do I need this service if I have compost/worm farm/chickens at home?

Your food organics collection complements the great work you’re already doing.

You can use your kerbside organics bin for things you might avoid putting in your compost or worm farm – including dairy, meat and bones, bread and grains, citrus, kitchen oils, and pet poo.

If you find after using the service that it's not working for you, as a rural resident you can opt out of the entire service if you choose. You can't just opt out of part of the service.

Can I opt out?

Our waste service requires the use of all four bins so materials get sorted correctly.

As a rural resident you have the option of using Council's waste service, but you can't just opt out of part of the service.

If you want to cancel the waste service to your property, complete a request form online or contact our customer service team on 5261 0600.

What bins will I have an how often will the be collected?

Rural residents who choose to use Council's kerbside waste collection get the four-bin service.

The following bins will be collected fortnightly:

  • 240L FOGO (Food Organics and Garden Organics)
  • 240L Recycling
  • 140L Landfill

The 140L Glass-only bin will be collected every four weeks.

All-bins with collection schedule - RURAL.jpg

Can I get a bigger, smaller or extra bin?

Give the basic service a go before getting an extra or larger bin, because: 

  • It costs money to upgrade or get a second bin.
  • The whole point is to try to change our waste creating behaviours and minimise the amount of waste that goes into landfill.

If you still find you need larger or extra bins, you can apply online.

How can I manage my own waste if I opt out?

Here are some ideas on how to manage your own waste:

  • Compost your own food and garden organics on your property.
  • Engage a private company to collect your waste.
  • Take your waste to the transfer station.

I have a farm - will the kerbside service be enough?

Probably not.

The kerbside service is designed for general household waste, not farm or business waste.

The service is standard across the shire - everyone has the same four bins and a similar collection schedule (besides the FOGO bin which is collected fortnightly in rural areas.) and it meets the needs of the most people possible.

If you have a little extra waste you can pay extra to upgrade your bin size or get extra bins.

If you have a lot of extra waste you'll need to look into self-hauling it to the transfer station or engaging a commercial waste service.