Detox your home events


Highly toxic chemicals should never be put in your kerbside bins or poured down the drain. You can drop these unwanted household chemicals off at free Detox your Home events, which are licensed to accept toxic chemicals and are staffed by trained specialist chemist.

Around 40 pop-up Detox your Home events are hosted around Victoria each year by Sustainability Victoria and local councils. These events are open to all Victorians, so you don’t have to attend the event in your municipality if another time and location suits you better.

A Detox your Home event will be held in our region in late 2024. Check back on this page for announcements, or sign up to receive the Good Sort waste and sustainability e-newsletter for updates.

To check on other events across the state, visit the Detox your Home website.

Do not place any unwanted toxic chemicals in your kerbside bins.

To find out how to safely store chemicals at home, visit Sustainability Victoria