Moriac Structure Plan

Phase 1 engagement: complete
Phase 2 engagement: complete


Surf Coast Shire Council is well progressed in the development of a new structure plan for Moriac.

The new Moriac Structure Plan will provide a strategic framework to guide land use and development decisions for the next 10 years. The Plan will ensure that future incremental growth is responsive to the constraints of the landscape and respectful of the rural character of the town.

In 2022, Council developed a Background Report(PDF, 40MB) - along with a shorter summary version(PDF, 5MB) - both versions provide important context to guide conversations with the Moriac community.

In 2023, following extensive engagement, Council prepared and endorsed the Draft Moriac Structure Plan(PDF, 26MB) - along with a shorter summary version(PDF, 4MB). Feedback and submissions were received from the Moriac community and were presented to Council at a Hearing of Submissions meeting on the 1 August 2023. The meeting agenda, minutes taken and Zoom recording are available here.  

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Phase 1 engagement: April 2022

The first phase of community engagement was completed in May 2022 and included two 'drop-in' style workshops and an on-line survey. The Community Engagement Summary Report(PDF, 5MB)  was noted at the Council meeting on 28 June 2022 and provides a summary of key engagement activities undertaken and a detailed summary of engagement findings.

Phase 2 engagement: June/July 2023

The second phase of community engagement was completed in June and July 2023.

Two community workshops were held in Moriac on the 28th of June and an online submission portal captured submissions over a six (6) week period.

Submissions will inform the development of the final draft Moriac Structure Plan 2023. A Hearing of Submissions meeting was held on 1 August 2023 via Zoom.

What is a Structure Plan?

A Structure Plan is a plan for a town’s future. It considers if, how and where a town should grow. A Structure Plan process provides a community with an opportunity to share with Council how they believe the town should best manage demands for improved services, whilst protecting the features and characteristics of a town that make it a great place to live in. Ultimately the role of the structure plan is to guide changes to policy within the Surf Coast Planning Scheme to help inform land use decision making.  

How are structure plans prepared?

Community members play an important role in contributing to structure plan content by sharing their aspirations and concerns for natural and built environments. Information is captured in project surveys, at consultation sessions and through the lodging and review of formal written submissions. The information that the Moriac community contributes to the structure plan process will inform policies to guide future decision making. 

The community, land owners and land developers benefit from the clear planning policy directions contained within a structure plan. The maps and supporting text can help identify opportunities for future development in the form of ‘future growth’ or ‘investigation’ areas. Whereas land featuring topographic and/or environmental assets or constraints can be clearly identified as ‘no go’ zones.

How are Structure Plans implemented?

Once adopted by Council a structure plan has an active and influential life guided by a detailed implementation plan.  Implementation actions may include amendments to the Surf Coast Planning Scheme, further investigative studies or the funding of particular physical works. Adopted plans are typically linked to the Council’s corporate plan ensuring a coordinated approach to implementation across Council services.