Occasional care


Registrations for 2021

Expression of interest

The cost from January 2021 will be $48.60 per Occasional Care session.  

If you  need to change your registration details, or require any further information, email us at chubadmin@surfcoast.vic.gov.au.

The occasional care program

If you need short term care for children from 12 months of age up to six years of age, you might be looking for occasional care. This program allows the flexibility to leave your child in care for 4 hours once a week in an early childhood learning environment to socialise and interact with other children.

Each session has a maximum of 15 children per session with two qualified educators.

Occasional Care Fact Sheet 2021(PDF, 69KB)  

Occasional Care Fact Sheet 2020(PDF, 94KB)

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Council Children's Centres

Torquay Children’s Hub
27 Grossmans Road, Torquay
Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays from 8.30am -12.30pm in 2020
$46.40 per session
To book contact us on 5261 0549 or at torquaychildrenshub@surfcoast.vic.gov.au

Kurrambee Myaring Community Centre
12 Merrijig Drive Torquay
Thursdays from 8.30am-12.30pm in 2020
$46.40 per session
To book contact us on  5261 0549 or at torquaychildrenshub@surfcoast.vic.gov.au

More info on the Hub and Kurrambee Myaring programs

Occasional Care program philosophy(PDF, 79KB)  

Community Houses

For information on occasional care services operated by local community houses, please contact each community house directly.

Anglesea Community House
5263 2116

Lorne Community House
5289 4383

Winchelsea Community House
5267 2028