Early years policies

woman and child

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Educational Program and Practice Policies

Educational Programs(PDF, 445KB)

Excursions(PDF, 339KB)

Sleep, Rest and Relaxation(PDF, 378KB)


Children's Health and Safety Policies

Acceptance and Refusal of Authorisations(PDF, 275KB)

Assessment of Family Day Care Educators and other adults residing in the Family Day Care Residences(PDF, 223KB)

Child Safe Organisation(PDF, 367KB)

Delivery and Collection of Children(PDF, 385KB)

Emergency Management and Evacuation(PDF, 389KB)

First Aid(PDF, 284KB)

Food Safety(PDF, 166KB)

Incident Injury Trauma and Illness(PDF, 364KB)

Infectious Diseases(PDF, 532KB)

Medical Conditions and Medications(PDF, 526KB)

Nappy Changing and Toileting(PDF, 241KB)

Nutrition and Healthy Eating(PDF, 216KB)

Occupational Health and Safety(PDF, 162KB)

Sun Protection(PDF, 414KB)

Supervision of Children(PDF, 315KB)

Tobacco Smoke, Drug and Alcohol Free Environment(PDF, 193KB)

Visitors Register for Family Day Care Residence or In-Venue(PDF, 246KB)

Use of Electronic Devices(PDF, 159KB)

Animals and Domestic Pets(PDF, 736KB)

Bush Kindergarten Play Benefit and Risk(PDF, 986KB)

Bush Kindergarten Delivery and Collection of Children(PDF, 287KB)

Bush Kindergarten Snake Awareness and First Aid(PDF, 385KB)

Bush Kindergarten Protective Clothing(PDF, 207KB)

Bush Kindergarten Management of Dogs(PDF, 240KB)

Bush Kindergarten Identification and Visibility (PDF, 221KB)

Bush Kindergarten Extreme Weather(PDF, 175KB)

Bush Kindergarten Emergency Evacuation(PDF, 156KB)

Road Transport and Safe Transport(PDF, 623KB)


Physical Environment Policies

Child Safe Environment(PDF, 297KB)

Family Day Care Equipment(PDF, 126KB)

Family Day Care Glass(PDF, 208KB)

Family Day Care Transport/Vehicle Use Authorisation(PDF, 322KB)

Water Safety(PDF, 155KB)

Sustainability(PDF, 853KB)

Assessment Approval and Reassessment of Approved Family Day Care Residences and Venues(PDF, 228KB)


Staffing Arrangement Policies

Code of Conduct(PDF, 230KB)

Determining the Responsible Person Present(PDF, 413KB)

Employment of Qualified Staff/Ratios, Volunteers and Students

Recruitment of Family Day Care Educators(PDF, 241KB)

Family Day Care Educator Professional Development(PDF, 947KB)


Relationships with Children Policies

Interactions with Children and Behaviour Guidance(PDF, 177KB)

School Aged Children Behaviour Guidance(PDF, 183KB)


Collaborative Partnerships with Families and Communities Policies

Access and Inclusion(PDF, 221KB)

Enrolment(PDF, 131KB)

Orientation of Children & Families(PDF, 241KB)


Leadership and Service Management Policies

Family Day Care Advertising(PDF, 131KB)

Confidentiality, Information Sharing, Management and Storage of Records(PDF, 422KB)

Governance and Management(PDF, 190KB)

Keeping a Register of Family Day Care Educators(PDF, 191KB)

Maternal and Child Health Service Responding to Birth Notification(PDF, 109KB)

Payment of Fees(PDF, 279KB)

Responding to Subpoenas and Witness Summons(PDF, 245KB)

Family Day Care Support Visits by Coordination Unit(PDF, 278KB)


Council's Early Years Unit is currently reviewing the following policies

Responding to Subpoenas and Witness Summons
Access and Inclusion
Food Safety
Nutrition and Healthy Eating