Placemaking for the Future Projects

Current plans, projects and studies:

Recently approved plans, projects and studies:

Moriac Structure Plan

Surf Coast Shire Council has commenced the development of a new structure plan for Moriac. The Moriac Structure Plan project will document current community aspirations and outline future plans for the area. This new Structure Plan will supersede the previous 2010 version.

Find out more about the Moriac Structure Plan project.

Heritage Study Stage 3

The Surf Coast Shire, with the assistance of landowners and local heritage groups, have prepared a heritage study (stage 3), completed over a 9 month period. The study completes a heritage assessment of 23 places in the Moriac, Mount Moriac, Paraparap and Winchelsea areas, building on the work previously undertaken in Stages 1, 2A, 2B and 2C Heritage Studies.

Find out more about the Heritage Study Stage 3.


Older plans, projects and studies:

You can find the documentation for most of the past projects in our Planning FAQ section on the Development plans, reference documents, and incorporated documents page.

If you need more information or help accessing any of our documents, call our Planning team on 5261 0600.

Developer contributions

Development contributions play an important role in delivering essential infrastructure to new and growing communities.

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