Managing bins during the festive season


Festive season bin collections

There are no changes to collections days for 2021 summer season.

We will do one extra landfill and one extra recycling collection for each property that receives Council's kerbside service.

When are my extra collections?

Here are some tips to help Santa reduce his impact on the environment this year:

  • Buy used items from op shops or online marketplaces
  • Don't buy items with lots of packaging.
  • Opt for experiences instead of more stuff.
  • Consider handmade goods, either made by you or sourced from local artisans.

Make sure the waste you do create ends up in the right bin:

FOGO (Food Organics and Garden Organics)

Food waste such as:

  • fruit
  • vegetables
  • meat and bones (including turkey and ham bones)
  • seafood
  • bread and bakery items
  • leftovers
  • and more.

Garden items including:

  • live Christmas trees (cut to fit in the bin)
  • grass
  • small branches
  • flowers
  • weeds.

For more information visit our FOGO page

DO NOT add plastic bags or packaging. Only organic, compostable items.


Empty rigid plastic bottles and containers numbered 1, 2, and 5.

Clean paper and cardboard, including paper gift wrap

Empty steel food cans, aluminium cans, metal lids and clean foil (balled up into golfball size or larger)


All residential properties that receive Council’s kerbside waste collection will receive one extra recycle collection and one extra landfill collection, the week following either Christmas or New Year. Check SCRRApp (the Surf Coast Rubbish and Recycling App) or your waste collection calendar for the dates of your extra collections.

If you have excess recycling, Council’s transfer stations in Anglesea, Winchelsea and Lorne accept household quantities (up to 0.5m3 or about car boot size) of recyclable items free of charge all year round.

Paper gift wrap (including printed Christmas paper) goes in the recycle bin. A standard amount of tape is OK.

Save space in the bin by squashing plastic milk bottles, crushing drink cans and flattening cardboard boxes. Maybe you can switch from bottled drinks to cans that can be crushed?

Please DO NOT include: champagne corks, plastic cutlery, paper plates, plastic plates that aren’t numbered 1, 2 or 5 or that are dirty, Christmas Cracker remains, cellophane or other soft plastic, or disposable insulated cups. When in doubt, leave it out.

For more information visit our Recycling page


Empty bottles like beer bottles, wine bottles, champagne bottles, other drink bottles, condiment bottles, vitamin bottles and more.

Empty jars like jam jars, pasta sauce jars, other food jars, beauty product jars, medicine jars.

Collars and labels can stay on.

Extra glass bottles and jars can be dropped off at transfer stations free of charge (up to 0.5m3 or about car boot size)

What about lids?

  • Lids made of metal (like from beer bottles or pasta sauce jars) should go in the recycling bin.
  • Lids made of plastic or aluminium (like wine caps) should go in the landfill bin.

For more information visit our Glass-only bin page


Make sure you’re putting all that you can into your FOGO, recycling and glass-only bin, but if you aren’t sure, put it in here.

Broken drinking glasses and crockery must go in this bin, not your glass-only or recycling bin.

Wrap used nappies in a bag or newspaper to contain the smell and keep your kerbside bin in the shade.

Ensure all bin lids close properly and wind and wildlife don’t create litter in your street. Residents are responsible for picking up litter created from overfull bins.

If your bin or lid is cracked or broken, contact council to get it repaired or replaced.

Bags of household waste or recycling sitting next to bins will not be picked up. If it doesn’t fit in the bin, wait until the next collection or take it to your closest transfer station.



E-WASTE - Electrical items, batteries and lightglobes cannot be put in the landfill bin, and should be taken to collecton points at our transfer stations.

Never put batteries eg from watches, electronic items or car batteries, gas bottles, oils, liquids or paint in your landfill bin.


Take it to the transfer station

E-WASTE: If Santa brings a new tv, computer, mobile phone, hair dryer or a large appliance (like a fridge) to replace one that no longer works, you can drop your old one in our e-waste collection at our transfer stations in Anglesea, Winchelsea and Lorne to recycle free of charge.

OTHER RECYCLING: Our transfer stations also accept cardboard, large metal items like bikes, and used household batteries free of charge, and polystyrene packaging can also be taken free of charge to the Anglesea and Lorne transfer stations.

Waste drop off points for holiday makers

Holiday home owners and part time residents can use waste drop-off facilities when leaving Surf Coast Shire.

Recyclables and small amounts of general household waste can be dropped at designated collection points, located at:

  • Torquay – adjacent to the Surf Coast Shire Torquay works depot at 130 Messmate Road. The drop off point is clearly marked with signs, and waste can not be left at any other location within 130 Messmate Road.
  • Anglesea – outside Anglesea Landfill and Transfer Station at 50 Coalmine Road (100m west of the main entrance)
  • Lorne – outside the Lorne Transfer Station at 370 Erskine Falls Road

Recyclables must be loose - not in plastic bags, or else they won’t be recycled.

Green waste, furniture or white goods are not accepted at the drop-off points.


Download info on this page as a PDF(PDF, 320KB)