Never bin your batteries

two batteries with a white background

When used batteries are tossed in your landfill or recycling bins, they can start a fire in the collection truck, at the recycling sorting facility, or at the landfill.

Batteries that end up in landfill not only create a fire risk, they can also leak dangerous chemicals into our underground waterways.

Don’t bin your batteries.

Instead, drop these battery types into collection containers free of charge. See where:

Small handheld batteries e.g. - AA, AAA, C, D, 6volt, 9volt and button batteries


  • IGA Anglesea
  • Anglesea Transfer Station


  • Home Hardware Lorne
  • Foodworks Lorne
  • Lorne Transfer Station


  • ALDI Torquay
  • Bunnings Warehouse – Torquay
  • Coles Torquay
  • Faggs Mitre 10
  • Woolworths Torquay
  • Woolworths Torquay North
  • In foyer of Council offices (1 Merrijig Drive)
  • Torquay residential waste & recycling drop-off (130 Messmate Road)


  • Winchelsea Transfer Station

Mobile phones and phone batteries

Power tool battery packs, car and marine batteries

  • Anglesea, Lorne and Winchelsea transfer stations

Look what can happen when a battery ends up in your bin: