Council Plan


The Council Plan sets out Council’s strategic direction from 2021-2025.

It describes the goals we have for the term of the current Council and provides a road map for how we will achieve these goals.

View the documents here:

Council has also developed a Monitoring and Evaluation Framework and Action Plan(PDF, 1MB), to guide implementation and track progress over the next four years. 

See how we are working towards achieving our Council Plan objectives in our progress reports:

Council Plan Mid Year 3 Progress Report - March 2024(PDF, 12MB)

Council Plan End Year 2 Progress Report - 19 Strategies(PDF, 12MB)

Council Plan Mid Year 2 Progress Report - 19 Strategies(PDF, 9MB)

Council Plan Progress Report - February 2022(PDF, 5MB)

Community Vision

From the hinterland to the coast, from the first peoples to the children of the future, we are an active, diverse community that lives creatively to value, protect and enhance the natural environment and our unique neighbourhoods. We will leave the Surf Coast better than we found it.