Road Safety Strategy and Action Plan 2022-2027

Survey has now closed.


Thanks to everyone who completed the survey about road safety in the Surf Coast. The survey has now closed.

Your input will now be used to inform the development of a new Road Safety Strategy and Action Plan for 2022-2027.

A draft Strategy will be made available for comment in early 2022.
The new strategy will consider safety for all road users including motorists, pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, freight, commercial and agricultural. We all have an important role to play to keep each other safe on and near our roads.



Council's current road safety strategy has reached the end of its life, and a new strategy is important to adapt to the growing and changing demographic and safety issues in Surf Coast.

We currently work closely with Police and the Department of Transport on a range of road safety issues. In addition to this, we aim to work more collaboratively with the community and other land managers to address emerging road safety patterns.

Both the state and federal government have recently released new road safety strategies. Council will consider these strategies as we develop our new road safety strategy, to ensure alignment with state and national strategies.

Additional resources

View the Victorian Road Safety Strategy

View the Victorian Road Safety Action Plan 2021-2023

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1. How will community feedback be used?
The results of the community survey will be analysed to identify key insights and get a clear evidence-based picture of community perceptions. As far as possible, results will be used to establish a baseline for road safety actions and performance measurements. All feedback submitted online and to Council will remain confidential.

2. What happens next?
Council will review and analyse the feedback received from this public consultation. A draft strategy and action plan will be developed for consideration by Council and shared for public comment. The Strategy and Action Plan will be finalised considering feedback and the final documents will be delivered to Council for endorsement.

3.When will the plan be finalised?
The following timelines shows the different phases of the project. 

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