How do I apply for a building permit?


Step 1 - Check if a building permit is needed

Some types of building works may not require a building permit. To seek advice on whether a building permit is needed, please click the link below, or your building surveyor.

Do I need a Building Permit?

Step 2 - Find a building surveyor

Within the Surf Coast municipality, private building surveyors issue building permits and conduct the appropriate inspections.

Any registered building surveyor can provide this service. The following link identifies some of the private building surveyors operating in our area. 

Local Private Building Surveyors

 Step 3 - Prepare documentation

Engage a building designer and/or speak to your building surveyor to find out what documentation is required to lodge your application.

 Step 4 - Lodge

Lodge your application with your chosen building surveyor and pay any required fees to your building surveyor.

Step 5 - Issue

Your building surveyor will check for compliance with Building Act and regulations. If it complies, they will issue your building permit. Your Building Surveyor is then required to send a copy of the building permit to Council and to the owner, the applicant, and the nominated builder. Do not start work until you have a copy of the building permit in your possession. 


Other permits that may be required