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AML Building & Consulting Pty Ltd
Phone: 0417 124 882

Aztec Building Inspections (Michael Jukubzik)
Phone: 0414 557 632

Certpool (Lindsay Newton)
Phone: 0429 621 792

Coastal Compliance (James)
Phone: 0431 739 460

Complete Pool Inspections (Anthony Halligan)
Phone: 0458 050 881

Dr. PoolSafe
(Damien Magree)
Phone: 03 4158 0000

Geelong Pool Inspections (Marcus Illingworth)
Phone: 0410 308 722

Geelong PoolSafe Inspections (Jack Karssemeyer)
Phone: 0437 811 811

Geelong Pool Fence Safety Inspections (Mick Burge)
Phone: 0404 494 904

Geelong Pool Fence Inspections (Tony Glynn)
Phone: 0435 321 591

Greater Geelong Building Inspections (Filipe Vitorino)
Phone: 0413 415 969

Pete's Pool Inspections (Peter Davidson)
Phone: 0401 356 787

Phillip Griffiths Building Inspections
Phone: 0407 204 200

Pool Barrier Inspection Services
Phone: 0487 976 709

Pool Safe Inspections Victoria (Brett Fitzmaurice)
Phone: 03 8609 0366

Pool Safe Regional Victoria (Jimmy Rushton)
Phone: 0493 362 410

Ripple Pool Inspections (Rob Jarrous)
Phone: 0466 505 006

Stonehenge Consulting Pty Ltd
Phone: 0406 317 229
PO Box 7262, Geelong West, VIC 3218

Surfcoast Compliance
Phone: 0401 412 283

Swimming Pool Compliance Inspections (Ben Spiteri)
Phone: 0448 153 252

VicWide Inspections (David Prasad)
Phone: 0406 194 163













The Victorian Government has introduced legislation requiring property owners, including landlords, to register pools and spas with Council.

The regulations, which came into effect on 1 December 2019, will aim to improve safety by ensuring that pool and spa barriers meet required standards.

The regulations include:

  • Mandatory requirement to register pools and spas with local councils
  • Mandatory safety barrier inspection and certification
  • A process for dealing with barriers which do not meet safety requirements, and
  • Fees for initial registration, and for lodgement of certificates of compliance and non-compliance.

Electronic registration is still open. 

As part of the registration process, pool and spa barriers will need to be inspected by a registered private building surveyor or inspector. Upon registration, Council will advise you when this independent inspection is due.

The inspectors will issue certificates of compliance or non-compliance, which owners will need to then lodge with Council.

Certificates of non-compliance will need to be acted upon.

The State Government has provided guidelines for the fees for registration, and fees for lodgement of certificates. Council adopted these fees based on these guidelines at its Ordinary Council Meeting on 10 December 2019.

  • Pool/Spa Registration fee $34.20
  • Pool/Spa Information Search/Document archive request fee $50.70 This fee will not apply if a building permit or certificate of final inspection is supplied at time of registration.
  • Pool/Spa Compliance Certificate lodgement fee $21.90
  • Pool/Spa Non-Compliance Certificate lodgement fee $413.40
  • Pool/Spa Failure to register fee $385.00
  • Pool/Spa Failure to lodge Certificate of Compliance $385.00
  • Other infringement penalties may apply for late registration, late lodgement of certificates, or other infringements.

The legislation sets staggered deadlines for lodging of compliance certificates:

  • For pools and spas built on or before 30 June 1994, lodgement by 1 June 2022
  • Built between 1 July 1994 and 1 May 2010, lodgement by 1 June 2023
  • Built on or after 1 May 2010, lodgement by 1 June 2024

Inspection compliance certificates will then be required to be lodged with Council every four years.

Owners wishing to do their own initial safety assessment can be guided by the following Victorian Building Authority checklists:

Owners having work completed on an existing safety barrier, other than basic maintenance like replacing a hinge, are likely to require a building permit to alter the barrier.

Any work to alter an existing barrier will need to comply with the current regulations.

View our Frequently Asked Questions for further information.