How do I apply for a building permit?


Step 1 - Check if a building permit is needed

Some types of building work do not require a building permit.

Step 2 - Find a building surveyor

Within the Surf Coast municipality, private building surveyors issue building permits and conduct the appropriate inspections.

Any registered building surveyor can provide this service, but we do have a list of Geelong and Surf Coast surveyors who have told us they are available in our area:

Local Private Building Surveyors

 Step 3 - Prepare documentation

Speak to your building surveyor to find out what documentation is required to lodge your application.. 

 Step 4 - Lodge

Lodge your application with your chosen building surveyor and pay any required fees.

Step 5 - Issue

Your building surveyor will check for compliance with building regulations and if it complies, they will issue your building permit.


Other permits that may be required

  • planning permit