Apply for a planning permit


Once you've applied for a planning permit, we will send you a letter to confirm we have received it and allocate a planning officer to your application. We will then:

  • assess your application
  • ask for any additional information
  • undertake public notification, if required
  • refer your application to authorities or other Council departments
  • review the application and any objections
  • assess it against the planning scheme
  • make a recommendation, which may or may not have to go to Council

Planning permit application(PDF, 562KB)

Fee Schedule(PDF, 99KB)

Statutory Planning Fee Waiver and Rebate(PDF, 155KB)

Statutory Planning Fee Waiver Form A(PDF, 113KB)

VicSmart applications

Sometimes you can apply under VicSmart, a simple and fast planning permit process for straightforward applications.If you aren't sure if your works qualify for VicSmart, contact Council's planning officers on 5261 0600. 

More information on VicSmart

VicSmart Application form(PDF, 2MB)

The Planning FAQs page has more information and checklists to help you through the planning process.