Application to amend a Development Plan

Application No: PG20/0013
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Archived on 25 November 2022

Briody Estate West (land at 90-170 Grossmans Road; 95-135 and 150-170 Briody Drive; and 15-31 Illawong Drive, Torquay)

Council has received an application to amend a Development Plan for the Briody Estate West (land at above address).

View Site location(PDF, 320KB)

A development plan is required for the land in accordance with Development Plan Overlay 10 (DPO10) of the Surf Coast Planning Scheme.

Development Plan Overlay Schedule 10

DPO10 seeks to ensure a comprehensively planned residential subdivision generally in accordance with the Briody Estate West Concept Plan 2012 and to facilitate an attractive and high amenity residential area.

A development plan  was approved in 2017. The approved plan provides for:

  • a residential subdivision with a mix of densities, consisting of higher density areas providing approximately 70 lots, standard density areas providing approximately 404 lots and a multi-unit site.
  • open space areas comprising of 2.29 hectares encumbered open space (including two drainage reserves) and 1.43 hectares of unencumbered open space, including a centrally located local park (measuring 0.83 hectares).
  • a potential future linear open space corridor adjacent to the Deep Creek waterway
  • a 7.5 metre wide linear reserve at the interface of Messmate Road and Grossmans Road with a shared path through.

View approved Development Plan(PDF, 260KB)

The approved associated documents can be viewed at Development plans, background and incorporated docs

Since the approval of the development plan, land ownership within the area has significantly changed.

The current application seeks to amend the approved development plan (see Figure 3 below). The main changes to the plan include:

  • The incorporation of a Retirement Village with independent units (231 units), a Residential Aged Care Facility (80 beds) and Independent & Assisted Living Apartments (60 units) to replace some of the general residential areas.* Areas of general residential subdivision are also proposed with approximately 318 lots in standard density areas, 17 lots in higher density areas and a multi-unit site.
  • Re-location of the local park from the centre of the site to be adjacent to Briody Drive (measuring 0.87 hectares).
  • Replacement of the eastern drainage basin/reserve with a linear strip reserve (with public access through) and an underground water treatment device.
  • Incorporation of a future roundabout at the junction of Briody Drive and Messmate Road (provided by Council at a time in the future when traffic volumes necessitate).
  • Upgrading of Briody Drive to a Connector Level 1 Road to include bike lanes in both directions (to be completed in two stages with indented parking on the south side to be provided in the second stage when traffic volumes necessitate).
  • Revisions to the Shared Infrastructure Funding Plan which equalises costs of infrastructure across all landowners.

*A Retirement Village and Residential Aged Care Facility will typically consist of communal recreational or medical/health facilities for residents.

View proposed amended Development Plan(PDF, 165KB)

What will the Development Plan allow?

The Development Plan once approved will provide an overall layout that will guide future residential subdivision, uses, and development on the site.

Any future planning permits required for use, development or subdivision will be assessed against the approved Development Plan. Applications that are generally in accordance with the Development Plan are exempt from the requirements for further public notification.

Note that a future planning permit will be required for the use of the land as a Retirement Village and for buildings and works associated with the Retirement Village and Aged Care Facility. Future applications would provide detail in respect of layout and siting of buildings, heights, scale and design, and communal facilities included. However please note that the development plan includes a note which states that the development on the Retirement/Aged Care site will generally be two storeys, with any three-storey element setback at least 75 metres from any site boundary. 

Where can I view the development plan and relevant planning scheme documents?

The amended development plan and associated documents are available below.

If you wish to discuss the plan with a Strategic Planner, please call to make a prior appointment on 5261 0557.

Who can make a submission?

Submissions can be lodged in any of the following ways:

  • By emailing your submission to 
  • By posting your submission to The Coordinator, Strategic Land Use Planning, Surf Coast Shire, PO Box 350, Torquay Vic 3228

We will acknowledge receipt of your submission in writing.

Name and contact details of submitters are required for council to consider submissions and to notify such persons of the opportunity to attend council meetings and any public hearing held to consider submissions. 

What will happen to my submission?

All written submissions will be considered by Council prior to a decision being made.  Submitters will have the opportunity to personally address the Council at a Special Council Meetings for Hearing Submissions.

May I appeal Council's decision?

This process is exempt from the review rights (for third parties) of Section 82(1) of the Planning and Environment Act 1987.

However parties directly affected (i.e. landowners) can appeal Council’s decision under section 149 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987. 

When must I lodge my submission?

Submissions will close at 5pm on Friday 25 November 2022.

Contact details

Samantha Natt, Principal Strategic Planner on 5261 0557 or email

Application Documents:

Development-Plan.pdf(PDF, 165KB)

Landscape-Masterplan-Report.pdf(PDF, 5MB)

Interim-Road-Network-Plan.pdf(PDF, 107KB)

Ultimate-Road-Network-Plan.pdf(PDF, 108KB)

Town-Planning-Report.pdf(PDF, 2MB)

Arboricultural-Report.pdf(PDF, 11MB)

Bushfire-Management-Statement.pdf(PDF, 12MB)

Cultural-Heritage-Managment-Plan.pdf(PDF, 13MB)

Shared-Infrastructure-Funding-Plan.pdf(PDF, 3MB)

Staging-Plan.pdf(PDF, 100KB)Stormwater-Management-Plan.pdf(PDF, 15MB)

Traffic-Report.pdf(PDF, 4MB)

(PDF, 4MB)Vegetation-Assessment-Report.pdf(PDF, 13MB)