Footpath trading

Cafe tables on footpath

We have the responsibility to provide a safe environment for people who move through the shire. Council also has legal responsibility for the regulation of trading activities in public areas. The approval of footpath trading allows businesses to extend part of their trading operations onto a portion of public or private footpath land.

Council believes however, that footpaths are primarily provided for pedestrian access rather than trading and it is a key responsibility that a clear path be provided allowing all people to move along footpaths in a safe manner.

Council has prepared a Footpath Trading Policy to guide the use and management of footpath trading activities on our footpaths in a way which will support the important role they play in community life, as well as increasing the opportunity for access to businesses and providing a safe pedestrian environment.

To download a copy of the policy and procedure please use the links below:

Footpath Trading Policy(PDF, 310KB)

Footpath Trading Guidelines(PDF, 376KB)

Footpath Trading Application Form   


For more information on how to pay, view or object to infringement notices, view our Infringement notices page.