Weddings on Council land

Bride and flowers


Most beaches within the Surf Coast Shire are managed by either the Great Ocean Road Coast and Parks Authority or Parks Victoria. These organisations allow weddings on some beaches under their control, but a permit is required.

Bells Beach Surfing Recreation Reserve is the only area of coast directly managed by Council. No weddings are permitted at Bells Beach.

Map showing management responsibility for coastal beaches.(PDF, 10MB)

Council buildings

There are a number of Council buildings (like community halls) available for hire that may be used as a wedding venue.

Surf Coast Shire Council Venues for hire

Outdoor weddings on Council-managed land (other than beaches)

Outdoor weddings may be permitted on some Council-managed land. To book:

  1. Read the booking conditions
  2. Contact Council on 5261 0600 to discuss if weddings are permitted in your chosen location.
  3. Download the application form

Here are a few things to remember:

  • For outdoor weddings on Council land, you do not have exclusive use of the reserve so there may be other visitors in the area during your ceremony.
  • No marquees or structures are permitted (only chairs, small table etc.) so you will need a contingency venue for bad weather.
  • The fee for an outdoor wedding on Council land is $220 (non-refundable once processed)

Alcohol permits

Council manages alcohol permits for public places such as beaches. While there is ban on alcohol consumption in public places, Council may provide a permit for a wedding toast following the ceremony. If you are marrying on the Authority or Parks Victoria land you must first obtain the required permit from them, and then Council can grant an alcohol permit for the wedding toast. Make your application in writing to Council, including a copy of your permit.

You can also obtain a permit for a wedding toast in Council buildings or on Council land.

Please note: people found drinking in public areas without a permit will be liable for a $200 on-the-spot fine.


For more information on how to pay, view or object to infringement notices, view our Infringement notices page.