Nuisance and pollution complaints

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If you’re having a problem with

  • ongoing residential noise (pool pumps or air conditioners)
  • air pollution in residential areas (smoking chimneys, dust and more)
  • spraydrift issues that aren't from farm or commercial sources

you can lodge a complaint to Council for us to investigate under the nuisance provisions of the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008.


Residential Noise

You can visit The Environment Protection Authority Victoria website to find the prohibited times for different types of residential noise.

If you are experiencing ongoing and unreasonable noise in a residential area there are a few things you can do before making a formal complaint to Council.

  • If you are comfortable doing so, you can talk to your neighbour. The Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria website has some helpful tips on how to start this conversation with your neighbour. They may not even be aware that the noise is affecting the neighbourhood.
  • Consumer Affairs Victoria also has some information on how you can raise your concerns through a manager if your property has an owners corporation or body corporate.

If you wish to make a formal complaint to Council you can download the free APPLE or ANDROID App called "The Noise App" which records samples of noise as well as the date and time to assist the investigation and determine the degree of interference, duration and intensity. Alternatively if you prefer for noise, and other nuisance complaints you may print and fill out a  nuisance diary(PDF, 47KB) for at least two weeks, then submit to our Environmental Health Team.

Phone:                 (03) 5261 0600

Mail:      Surf Coast Shire Council
     Environmental Health Unit    
     PO Box 350
     Torquay VIC 3228


Other types of nuisances? Who else could I contact?

Depending on the type of issue you might be better off contacting another agency:

  • After hours individual noise (for example, parties, anti-social behaviour) - Local police station
  • Noise from new developments - You can contact the developer or builder directly. Names are usually listed on signage or vehicles.  
  • Noise from short term rentals such as Airbnb - Local police station is the first stop for any after hours noise. You can also contact the hosting website for the accommodation to lodge a complaint. If the noise of a repeating or ongoing nature it can be reported to Council.   
  • Ongoing industrial or commercial related noise or small scale pollution - Contact our EPA Officer (OPLE) on (03) 5261 0600 or EPA Regional Office (03) 5226 4825
  • Noise in relation to licenced venues - Liquor Licencing Victoria on 1300 650 367 or your local police station
  • Spraydrift issues relating to work/farming practices - Department of Primary Industries (DPI) on 136 186
  • Sewage overflows and blockages - Barwon Water 1300 656 007


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