Animal laws

Ranger with woman and dog on beach

Pet registration

You must register your dogs and cats with Council.

Pet registration information

Cat curfew

Surf Coast Shire's Cat Curfew is in force. Cats within the Shire, except the rural zone, must be confined to the owners' premises between 8pm and 6am daily.

More on the cat curfew

Barking dogs

It’s frustrating when you have dog in the neighbourhood that barks a lot. Talk to your neighbours before talking to Council.

Report a barking dog

Dog friendly beaches

There are places in the shire where you can walk your dog, on and off lead, throughout the year.

Where to walk your dogs

Wandering livestock

If you see livestock wandering on roads please contact our rangers by calling our main number (5261 0600) 24 hours a day.

Injured wildlife

Visit our Injured wildlife and pest animals page for information on helping injured natives, pets or managing pest animals.


For more information on how to pay, view or object to infringement notices, view our Infringement notices page.