Advocacy priorities


Our updated set of advocacy priorities allow Council to advocate for support aligned to our strategic goals and the needs of the community.

It will inform decisions on which projects would be subject to grant applications and which topics to raise in advocacy forums at the state and national level.

Download the full list of Surf Coast Shire Advocacy Priorities 2024(PDF, 22MB)

Advocacy priorities are grouped in five themes:

  • Housing affordability and key worker accommodation 

    Accessible, affordable, and secure housing is critical to the wellbeing of our communities and is a key enabler of economic growth.

  • Climate resilience 

    Surf Coast Shire Council declared a climate emergency in 2019 in recognition of the existential threat climate change poses.

  • Prosperity and creativity 

    The Great Ocean Road, which begins in Surf Coast Shire’s largest township Torquay, is Australia’s second most visited destination attracting six million tourists annually. Surf Coast Shire Council seeks to foster the concept of ‘slow tourism’ so that low-yield day trips are replaced with overnight and longer stays that offer a more immersive experience for visitors and provide meaningful support to local businesses.

  • Environment and sustainability 

    The Anglesea landfill is near capacity, and whilst concerted efforts to reduce the volume of waste going to landfill, have extended its life, the forecast end date is 2027.

  • Stronger communities and places 

    Surf Coast Shire has experienced sustained, above average population growth. The projected growth rate between 2021 and 2036 is 30.5%.