Plans and strategies

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Anglesea River Bank Master Plan 2006

Introduction and Part 1(PDF, 843KB)

Implementation plan(PDF, 273KB)            

Appendix 1 & 2(PDF, 427KB)

Appendix 3(PDF, 407KB)

Appendix 4(PDF, 403KB)

Appendix 5 -10(PDF, 794KB)

Bellbrae Hall Strategic Master Plan incorporating Bellbrae picnic space and related facilities (adopted 21 January 2015)(PDF, 3MB)

Bob Pettitt Reserve Master Plan Review (adopted 27 June 2012)

Bob Pettitt - Part 1(PDF, 798KB)

Bob Pettitt - Part 2(PDF, 3MB)

Bob Pettitt - Part 3(PDF, 5MB)

Bob Pettitt - Part 4(PDF, 5MB)

Bob Pettitt - Part 5(PDF, 2MB)

Eastern Recreation Reserve  final report Master Plan updated incorporating Hesse Street Reserve (adopted 21 January 2015)(PDF, 1MB)

Jan Juc Creek Linear Reserve Master Management Plan Report (adopted 27 June 2012)

Jan Juc Creek Linear - Part 1(PDF, 2MB)

Jan Juc Creek Linear - Part 2(PDF, 2MB)

Spring Creek Linear Reserve Master Management Plan Report (adopted 27 June 2012)

Spring Creek Linear - Part 1(PDF, 2MB)

Spring Creek Linear - Part 2(PDF, 5MB)

Spring Creek Recreation Reserve Master Plan Report, adopted 27 June 2012

Spring Creek Recreation Reserve - Part 1(PDF, 2MB)

Spring Creek Recreation Reserve - Part 2(PDF, 2MB)

Stormwater Management Plan(PDF, 604KB)

Torquay Entrance Landscape Plan(PDF, 14MB)

Torquay North Stormwater Management Plan

Torquay North Stormwater - Technical report(PDF, 6MB)

Torquay North Stormwater - Maintenance guidelines(PDF, 1MB)

Torquay North Stormwater - Map(PDF, 2MB)

Whites Beach Master Plan(PDF, 2MB)