Plans and strategies

Tree Risk Management Plan 2023-2027

Council has developed a Tree Risk Management Plan to establish a management system, set inspections intervals, and provide response times for dealing with any issue relating to trees. 

Current plans and strategies


Access and Inclusion

Arts and Culture

Creative Places Strategy
(PDF, 29MB)

Economic Development

Economic Development Strategy 2021-2031(PDF, 7MB)

Our Economic Story - the Surf Coast Shire: A Prosperous Place(PDF, 8MB)


Recreation and Open Space

Open Space Strategy 2016-25(PDF, 2MB)  

Playground Strategy 2011(PDF, 2MB)  

Community Buildings Study Surf Coast Shire - Report 2015(PDF, 2MB)

Connewarre Reserve Master Plan 2013(PDF, 2MB)

Bellbrae Hall Strategic Master Plan 2015(PDF, 3MB)

Eastern Recreation Reserve and Hesse Street Winchelsea Master Plan 2015(PDF, 1MB)

The Future of Surf Life Saving in Surf Coast Shire 2016(PDF, 13MB)

Stribling Reserve Master Plan 2017(PDF, 5MB)

G21 and AFL Barwon Regional Strategy 2015(PDF, 7MB)

G21 Regional Football (Soccer) Strategy 2023-2033(PDF, 6MB) 

G21 Regional Tennis Strategy(PDF, 9MB)

G21 Regional Hockey Strategy 2019(PDF, 3MB)

G21 and Cricket Victoria Barwon Regional Cricket Strategy 2019(PDF, 3MB)

Split Point Lighthouse Master Plan 2008(PDF, 961KB)


Community Development

Community-Development-Action-Plan-2022-2024(PDF, 4MB)

Early Years Plan 2021-25(PDF, 4MB)

Age Friendly Strategy 2020-2024(PDF, 5MB)


Health and Wellbeing 

Our Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan is integrated into the Council Plan


Housing Strategy