Planning for funded 3-year-old kindergarten


The Victorian Government is committed to providing 15 hours of funded kindergarten for every 3 year old by 2029, but this pledge will require a large expansion across the State.

Kindergarten Infrastructure and Services Plans

To provide clarity across the sector and to prioritise preparations, the Department of Education and Training (DET) has invited all Local Government Areas to agree on a municipal Kindergarten Infrastructure and Services Plan (KISP).

Each KISP provides supply and demand estimates for 3 and 4 year old kindergarten places against existing enrolment capacity. Kindergarten providers can use KISP estimates to inform their plans to expand programs, establish new services, or invest in new or extended facilities – the Government will use KISP estimates to plan for future co-investments.


The Government wants to co-invest in kindergarten projects at the right time, and while a KISP is not a funding document and doesn’t define required infrastructure projects or commit any party to funding specific projects, it is expected that future investment requests will align with the relevant KISP.

Where there is an agreed KISP, providers seeking co-investments through the Building Blocks Capacity Building stream must refer to, and align their proposed project with the infrastructure need identified in the KISP.

Surf Coast Shire KISP

3 year old kindergarten will be introduced progressively in the Surf Coast Shire commencing in 2022. Please refer to the Surf Coast Shire KISP for all of the details.