Community group leader training


The training modules below teach leaders in community groups about different aspects of running a successful group.

Under each heading you'll find a video, downloadable resources, and links to support the learnings in that video.

If you have more questions please contact the Volunteer Advisor on 5261 0600.

Fundraising and grants

Providing advice, guidance and resources to assist volunteers in writing and applying for grants from government and other sources.



Notes: Fundraising and Grants(PDF, 757KB)

Example Gantt chart: Fundraising and Grants(XLSX, 11KB)

Links discussed in the presentation

  • PopulationSurf Coast Shire Community Profile lists lots of characteristics of our population, linked to the National Census. Lots of information, topics shown on the left. Could be useful in demonstrating current population, age groups, gender or other characteristics of your area.
  • Crime Stats - The Crime Statistics Agency keeps data on crime that can be compared by Municipality and State. Could be used to demonstrate need for a program designed to reduce crime. Tabs near the top of the page give options.
  • Health Data - The Victorian Population Health Survey provides statistics at a state and local Government level.  Could be used to demonstrate a health issue your grant application intends to improve. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the reports.
  • Childhood DevelopmentThe Australian Early Childhood Development Census (AEDC). It shows the health and wellbeing development of children starting school. Could be used to strengthen funding applications for early years programs. In the Search Bar, type in “Surf Coast”. You’ll be able to download the data and explanations.

Attracting members and helpers

Providing ideas, advice and guidance to community groups around growing membership and getting helpers for your club/group/activity.



Notes: Attracting Members and Helpers(PDF, 996KB)

Other resources: Attracting Members and Helpers(DOCX, 130KB)

Links discussed in the presentation

Strategic planning and succession

Providing ideas, advice and guidance to community groups around developing strategies, action plans, and a plan for transitioning leadership.


Other resources: Strategic Planning and Succession(DOCX, 132KB)

Links discussed in the presentation

Financial management

Event planning

Providing ideas, advice and guidance to community groups around planning for both large and small events. the who, what, when, where and how, plus writing event plans, site plans, risk assessments, emergency management and more.

Don’t be daunted – smaller events often have smaller plans. The important thing is to record what you’ll do so all involved can follow your lead. It also makes it easier to gain any required permits.



Notes: Event Planning(PDF, 1MB)

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