Landfill bin FAQs

How can I keep my kerbside landfill bin from getting too full?

Separating out recycling, food organics and other items that can be diverted from landfill will save space and reduce smell in your bin.

For example, our audit found that kerbside landfill bins in the shire contained 27% food organics, a total of 40% organic waste (including garden organics), and 16% recyclable items.

Nappies must continue to go into your landfill bin.

If you feel you need larger or extra kerbside bins, you can find out about options to upgrade them.

How do I manage nappies in my landfill bin?

Nappies go into your kerbside landfill bin, which is collected every fortnight.

Some tips to help manage nappy smell in your kerbside landfill bin;

  • Where possible, dispose of any solid waste collected in the nappy into the toilet before placing the nappy into your bin.
  • Wrap dirty nappies tightly in a nappy sack, bag or newspaper. You might choose to double wrap them to reduce the amount of air circulating around the dirty nappies and reduce the smell.
  • Store your kerbside landfill bin in the shade and out of direct sunlight.
  • Make sure your landfill bin lid closes properly and there are no cracks in the bin sides. Damaged bins can be reported on the website or through the app.
  • If it becomes an issue, you can sprinkle vinegar, bi-carb soda, charcoal or eucalyptus oil into your bin to absorb and dissipate odours.

Isn’t it a health hazard to collect the landfill bin fortnightly?

If your organics materials have all gone into the FOGO bin, there is no reason the landfill bin needs to be collected weekly.

Even with nappies still in this bin, there is no health hazard as long as you aren’t opening up the nappies after you’ve disposed of them. Check out our tips for minimising the smell from nappies in the landfill bin.

Are there different size landfill bins?

If you find the standard size landfill bin does not meet your household's waste requirements, you can request an extra or larger bin.

Annual fees will apply.

Apply for an extra landfill bin

Apply for a larger landfill bin