Bin resources for holiday rentals


The Surf Coast Shire coast and hinterlands welcome many visitors throughout the year who might not be familiar with using a four-bin kerbside service. They'll be looking to property owners and managers to offer guidance on how to dispose of waste and use the kerbside bins correctly.

We've put together the following information and resources for owners and managers of holiday rentals to help you ensure your guests get it right on bin night.

If you don't see what you need, contact us to discuss how else we can help.

General tips for helping guests use the bins

  • Include your waste management expectations in your house rules or rental terms. We've provided some suggested wording in the Information flyer for property managers and owners(PDF, 2MB).

  • Provide four receptacles inside the rental space for sorting recycling, glass, food organics and landfill at the source. Make sure they are clearly labelled.

  • Ensure the kitchen caddy is permanently stored on the benchtop for guests to easily find and use (if it's hidden away in a cupboard they won't go looking for it). Also make sure you have enough compostable liners available. You can pick up extras free from Council.

  • Make sure all kerbside bins are easily accessible and that it's clear what goes in each one. Council has large stickers to put on each bin lid. Complete the resources order form if your bins don't have stickers.

  • Print out one or more of the downloadable resources below, and have them easily accessible (on the fridge or in the house manual for example).

  • Add any waste removal expectations to your check out checklist.


General information for owner or property manager

Download Information for Managers and Owners flyerInformation-flyer-for-property-managers-and-owners.jpg
(PDF, 2MB)

This flyer has information about:

  • Additional/larger or smaller bins
  • Damaged, lost or stolen bins
  • Communicating guidelines to guests and cleaners
  • Rules for putting bins in and out
  • What to do with excess recycling or glass
  • Extra collections at Christmas


Posters and flyers about each bin

These four individual designs focus on what goes in each of the four bins. They are available in two sizes for you to All-four-bin-posters-and-flyers.png select based on your needs:

A3 posters

These A3 posters are perfect to place in your kerbside bin storage area or in a bin room. Let us know if you need some help with printing A3.

Download the PDFs of each poster:

A4 flyers

These are the same as the A3 posters above, and are for use next to indoor bins in the kitchen, in the compendium, or anywhere else that might be useful.

Download the PDFs of each flyer:

General flyers for compendiums or internal walls - A4 size

Calendar of which bins are collected on which days

Visit our Collection calendars page to:2021-2022calendarSAMPLE.JPG

  • see whether your property is urban or rural
  • learn if your property is in area one or area two
  • find out which day which bins are collected.

Then you can download a PDF copy of the calendar for your property


Do not feed cockatoos

Feeding wild Sulphur-crested cockatoos seed mix or human food such as chips or bread makes them reliant on us for food.

Expecting you to feed them, hungry cockatoos can become aggressive and pester you and your guests for food.

Include these multilingual flyers in your house compendium to help your guests understand why they should not hand feed cockatoos, or leave out bowls of seed.

Do not feed cockatoos flyer - simplified Chinese(PDF, 863KB)

Do not feed cockatoos flyer - Punjabi(PDF, 786KB)

Do not feed cockatoos flyer - Hindi(PDF, 793KB)


If you don't have the ability to print any of the above publications in-house, please contact us.


Items to order

We have a number of resources available for you to order online and get in the mail. Please order only one set of resources per residence as we keep limited stock.

Order the resources listed below online now

EXTERNAL bin lid stickers- 180mm x 90mm


These stickers are for use on the lid of your kerbside bins. Each sticker shows the bin title and colour, summarises what the bin is for, and provides a web address and QR code that links to more information on what goes in the bin. These stickers are UV protected and weatherproof so they will last on the outside of the lid on your kerbside bin.

Order now

INTERNAL bin stickers - 125mm x 62mm


These stickers are for labelling bins inside the residence. Like the larger version, each sticker shows the bin title and colour, summarises what the bin is for, and provides a web address and QR code that links to more information on what goes in the bin. These stickers are for indoor use only.

Order now

Fridge magnet

magnet-on-fridge-WEB copy.png

The fridge magnets give a short list of what goes in each bin and the content was written specifically with visitors in mind.

Order now

Tent card for benchtop caddy


This card explains why there is a caddy in the kitchen, what goes in it, and what to do with it when it is full. They are sturdy and designed to stay in the house with the caddy.

Order now

Sticker for food waste collection container


If you don't have a caddy, any container can be used to encourage guests to collect food scraps. Be sure it has a lid to contain the smell, and order a sticker for the top to help guests understand what the caddy is for. This sticker is the same design as the information printed on the outside of the caddies.

Order now


If you would like any of the above resources, please complete our order form.

Items to pick up

We have caddies and packs of liners available at the transfer stations in Anglesea, Lorne and Winchelsea, and Council's main office in Torquay (when it is staffed).

  • Liners can be picked up for free (limit one per household). These are also available at the part time resident drop off in Torquay.
  • If you manage multiple properties and need more than one pack of liners, please contact us to organise a pick up of multiple packs.
  • Caddies can be purchased for $10 each.

For more information visit the Caddies and Liners FAQ page