Glass-only bin


Glass bottles and jars without lids go in the new glass-only bins instead of the mixed recycling bin.

Benefits to collecting glass separate from other recyclables include:

  • Co-mingled recyclable materials collected in the shire are free from glass contamination.
  • Council had more options on how the glass is reused or recycled, so there will be more transparency and control in managing this stream.
  • Some facilities that recycle materials won’t accept glass as it can be very wearing on sorting equipment. Having our glass separated gives us more options for processing our other recyclables, making our service more resilient.

What's accepted in my glass-only bin?

Glass from:

  • Beer bottles
  • Wine bottles
  • Champagne bottles
  • Other drink bottles
  • Jam jars
  • Pasta jars
  • Other food jars
  • Beauty product jars
  • Vitamin bottles
  • Medicine jars

Labels can be left on

Metal collars (like on wine bottles) can be left on

What's NOT accepted in my glass-only bin?

X Lids from bottles and jars
X Light globes and tubes (take e-waste to a transfer station )
X Window glass
X Mirrors
X Broken drinking glasses
X Pyrex dishes
X Crockery
X Ceramics and pottery

Can I get a different size or extra glass-only bin?

You sure can.

  • There is no cost to downsize bins.
  • If you would like an extra glass-only bin there is a yearly fee.
  • If you would like a larger glass-only bin, there is a once-off fee.

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FAQs about the glass-only bin