Landfill bin

circle with waste bin iconWhen you put things into your landfill bin, they don’t just go away; they get trucked off and put into the ground at Anglesea Landfill.

If you’re a GOOD SORT, you might be surprised by how much you can avoid putting into your landfill bin.


  • Don’t bag it! Waste can go into your bin loose.
  • Know exactly what can go into your organics and recycling bins, and keep those things out of landfill.
  • E-waste (that's anything with a plug or battery) is not allowed in landfills. Find out what to do with e-waste
  • Any bags or extra waste sitting beside kerbside bins won’t be collected.
  • We accept some things at our transfer stations free of charge.
  • Keep soft plastics (wrappers/packaging that you can easily scrunch in your hand) out of landfill by taking them to a REDcycle collection point.

What's accepted in my landfill bin?

broken crockery, glass and mirrors
plastic bags, garbage bags, clingwrap and other soft plastic packaging (but it's better to take these to a REDcycle collection point).
coffee pods (check to see if you can recycle yours somewhere)
polystyrene and foam, including meat trays, cups and packaging
used dish cloths and sponges
baby wipes
disposable razors
cotton buds and dental floss
sanitary and incontinence products
kitty litter (wrapped)
rags, clothing and shoes that cannot be repaired or reused
video tapes
ropes, hoses and strapping


What's NOT accepted in my landfill bin?

X chemicals
X electrical items or appliances (these are known as ‘e-waste’)
X batteries e.g. from watches, electronic items or car batteries
X paints
X oils
X liquids
X lightglobes and tubes
X poisons
X hazardous or medical waste such as sharps or sharps containers
X large pieces of timber
X concrete, bricks, asbestos or building rubble
X hot ashes
X items too big for the bin
X soil or rocks
X garden waste that can go in your organics bin
X items that can go into your recycle bin

Can I get a different size or extra landfill bin?

You sure can.

There is no cost to downsize bins.

If you would like an extra or larger landfill bin there is a yearly fee.

View the form and costs

FAQs about the landfill bin