Council defers Coalmine Road consultation

Published on 31 August 2018


Surf Coast Shire Council has deferred community consultation on potential reopening of Anglesea’s Coalmine Road until future use of the former Alcoa mine site is known.

At its 28 August meeting, Council endorsed a consultation plan on the road’s future, for implementation when more information is available.

Coalmine Road has been closed to the public for about 10 years due to its proximity to the former Alcoa mine but will be reconstructed to a new alignment as part of Alcoa’s site rehabilitation.

“It is not the right time to undertake consultation yet,” Anglesea ward Councillor Margot Smith said.

“Without knowing what the future of the Alcoa site might be, it is important that we continue with the road as it stands.

“Given that it has been closed for many years, maintaining the status quo and deferring consultation will have minimal impact.”

Once the consultation period is underway Council will seek responses from residents of Anglesea and surrounding areas, and community and interest groups.

It will also seek input from organisations including the Country Fire Authority, Parks Victoria and Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP).

Ward councillor Libby Coker said Council was aware many people had views and concerns relating to the future use of Coalmine Road, and potential impact its use might have on other streets and roads.

“Council has importantly committed to the consultation process but we need some clarity on the future use of the mine site,” Cr Coker said.

“Our process will ensure that those views are heard and understood before Council makes its decision.”

Coalmine Road, skirting Anglesea’s north, links with Messmate Track which is also closed. Messmate Track is managed by DELWP.