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Council's Economic Development and Tourism team provide regular communications relevant to local businesses. There are several newsletters we publish for businesses including:

  • Surf Coast Business Collective
  • Agribusiness Network

Surf Coast Business Collective

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The Surf Coast Business Collective was established by Council to create opportunities for local businesses to connect and thrive. It includes stories shared on a bi-monthly newsletter and Facebook Group. It includes tips on how to improve your marketing, networking and planning. We will also tell when major events and business workshops are on.  

The most recent stories can be found on the Latest News section of this website. 

Join the Surf Coast Business Collective 

If you prefer, join our Facebook Group called the Surf Coast Business Collective. It is a closed group for local businesses and it provides a forum for local businesses to share and engage with each other. 

Surf Coast Agribusiness Digest

We have a communication network for agribusiness and local food producers called the Surf Coast Agribusiness Network. Seasonally, we send a newsletter to this group called the Surf Coast Agribusiness Digest. It will keep you up to date with grants, biosecurity briefs and learning opportunities to support your agribusiness.

The most recent Agribusiness Digest stories can also be found the Latest News section of this website. 

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