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Council's Economic Development and Tourism team provide regular communications relevant to local businesses.

We aim to provide information to help your business thrive, be forward thinking, and sustainable leading to a healthy Surf Coast Shire economy.

Our newsletters are designed to help you:

  • discover information about grant and funding opportunities
  • be informed about available industry training or workshops
  • get your business involved in events that take place in the Shire

Surf Coast Business Collective

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 Surf Coast Business is a bi-monthly newsletter which features marketing & networking opportunities, programs to grow your business, major events and to share what Council is doing for business.

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Get the news as it's posted on our Facebook Group called the Surf Coast Business Collective. It also provides a forum for local businesses to share and engage with each other. 

Surf Coast Agribusiness Digest

A quarterly newsletter, helping to keep you up to date with grants, biosecurity briefs and learning opportunities to support your agribusiness.

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