Rates calculations

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2021/2022 calculation

Rating Categories Rate in Dollar (cents in $) Annual Charge


Commercial/Industrial Rate

Municipal Charge
Levied on all properties to help pay for administration costs

Garbage Charges - Urban
Levied on all urban properties

Garbage Charges - Rural
An optional levy on all rural properties choosing to use this service



Ms Smith owns a house that was valued at $800,000.

For a general residential property the rate is .0019588.

General rates calculation: $800,000 x .0019588 = $1,567.04.

Ms. Smith would pay $1,567.04 in general rates, $215 municipal charge and $433 garbage charge bringing it to a total rates and charges of $2,215.04.

Ms Smith's rates notice will also include a fire services levy, which Council collects on behalf of State Government.