Bob Pettitt Reserve - outdoor performance space

Bob Pettitt_SOUNDSHELL Pic.jpg

A local performance stage for community-focused events and performances will be constructed in a lovely setting amongst the Bellarine Yellow Gums within Bob Pettitt Reserve.  

Works on the site will start in mid-February, with construction to be completed by May/June 2021.

Community group Jan Juc Live is now now liaising with potential funding partners for landscaping to enhance the natural amphitheatre area.

Landscape Plan

Bob Pettitt Landscape Concept.jpg

The proposal was initiated by local community group Jan Juc Live to:

  • create a space in, and for, the Jan Juc community for local performance, music and health and well being activities
  • support the development of local talent
  • enhance local performances by providing an appropriately scaled, safe and sheltered structure
  • eliminate the ongoing cost to community of hiring shelter, staging and power generators

This project has been fully funded by the Australian Government under the Community Development Grants Program. Construction is due to be completed by mid 2021.

We propose the following principles aimed at respectfully managing and controlling the use of this space:

  • Ensuring that ‘the essence’ of this space is maintained as a local facility for local, unique and free events that connect families and community
  • Respect for the local community (re event size, type, scale, noise level, number of events):
    • containing the event site and scale within a natural amphitheatre setting and with proposed landscape treatment to border the area and maintain the small local event ‘feel’
    • maximum crowd expected would be for a Carols event (200-300 people) with other smaller events likely to attract smaller crowds (i.e. a potential kindergarten concert, smaller acoustic or choir events)
    • proposed 10-12 maximum permitted events per year with awareness of surrounding residents amenity
    • events to be held only in daylight / dusk hours
    • controls on amplification in line with EPA guidelines
  • The Surf Coast Shire Council would manage the bookings for the space with a proposed local community ‘friends of’ group to help monitor and manage the space.

Community feedback was sought during May 2020. Newspaper ads and social media posts encouraged community members to share their views and feedback on draft plans. 

Comments received included:

- numerous facebook comments welcoming/praising the initiative
- interest in the structure / trusses being able to hold 50kg of lighting
- design is beautiful, great for unique community performances and gathering
- s
creen planting doesn’t make sense and will limit the number of families who can sit in the space and who like to spread out on picnic blankets
- yellow gum tree planting provides a great outlook for residents – keep the planting to shade trees rather than shrub planting
- w
eather conditions will determine how sound carries from the site
- w
ill complement the other facilities at this site – combining to create an amazing community hub
- l
ocal community close to the site may walk but there is limited parking for visitors

 The Project Control Group has considered all feedback and made every effort to address any issues raised via this feedback process.

Jan Juc Live is a small working group of local Jan Juc  and Torquay community members involved in the creative and musical arts. We have a range of skills sets and experience including community development, environmental design and landscape architecture. 

The group have actively sought input from the wider community throughout the development phase of the project, and look forward to working with a diverse group of groups and individuals to bring the project to life.