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Alexander Shore Photography – Alex Shore

My photography grew organically alongside an active lifestyle and the love of photojournalism.  The Ocean has a strong pull on me, ultimately leading me to both live and work along our Surf Coast.

I love meeting new people and hearing their stories, and I am ready to commence new and exciting relationships with whoever happens to like my style. Helping others tell their story through imagery is what I am all about.  

My personal interests include coffee and travel, surfing, skiing, cars, and simply hanging out with friends.  I am also an advocate for maintaining both physical and mental health.

Passionate about reducing waste, I try my best to live a low consumer lifestyle, and recycle where possible.  This is why I also support ‘4Ocean’, who work incredibly hard at removing plastic from our oceans.

My business' goal for the future is to help our planet and those who live on it. I hope to achieve this through working with other enviro-conscious businesses and organisations, and anyone providing physical and/or mental support. 

What Alexander is offering under the One2One program

A 2 hour photography shoot with you and your business.

Get professional and personalised photographs of: you as the owner; your team; your products/services.

You would receive 25-50 digitally enhanced images that could be used on your website, or for social media and advertising purposes.

Let’s tell your story.

Tel: 0431599270