Councils role in emergencies, fire management & planning

Council has a role to play to prepare for emergency events, during the emergency, and during the recovery. We work closely with other agencies to make sure our community is safe and supported during a difficult situation.

Before an emergency happens we:


During an emergency situation Council will:

  • activate emergency and relief centres as needed to coordinate relief efforts from participating organisations
  • conduct impact assessments, road/tree clearing, traffic management support, animal welfare related services, volunteer/donations coordination, and assisting the distribution of warnings and information to the public and media.


After an emergency event we:

  • assist in ongoing recovery activities with affected communities including clean up and infrastructure restoration, building and environmental health assessment,provision of information, management of recovery centres and establishment/support of community recovery committees and associated recovery programs.


State and National Parks

Responsibility for the management of State and National Parks rests with the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP).