Youth Development

Surf Coast Youth Awards

The annual Surf Coast Youth Awards recognise the contributions and talent of Surf Coast people aged between 12 and 25. Congratulations to 2017 winners:

  • Ruby Issell and Isabella Heather - Leadership
  • Bryson West - Music
  • Bella Wilson and Jesse and Billy Abrahams - Sport
  • Isabella Heather and Daniel Smith - Community
  • Momoko Fergusson and Harry McEvoy - Art


Good Times Great Breaks - A guide for school leavers, parents/guardians, and local residents

The Surf Coast Shire Youth Survey 

  • What are the top issues in Australia today?
  • What is your number one personal concern?
  • What does the Surf Coast most need for young people?

Find out how our young people answered these and other questions.

Surf Coast Youth logo

Surf Coast Youth logo black and white

In 2016, the Surf Coast Youth Development Team ran a competition to find a new logo.

We had very talented young people with some amazing entries, and in the end we selected a logo designed by Momoko Fergusson.

Momo explains her logo: The ocean is a conventional icon to use in logos for coastal areas, it immediately lets the viewer link the organisation to the coast. I have also chosen to include a hawk's silhouette, because these animals represent many aspects of the Youth Development Team's values and purpose: guardianship, leadership, perspective, creativity and initiative. Furthermore, it relates back to the Coast's wildlife such as the Grey Goshawk and other native birds of prey. These components all reside within a circle to suggest unity and inclusiveness.

Youth Network

The Surf Coast Youth Network meets every two months to discuss and collaborate on issues relating to young people in our Shire. There is a broad representation on the network including schools, youth agencies, church groups, police, and youth workers.  

If you are interested in attending the Surf Coast Youth Network please contact the Youth Team to be added to the mailing list. Youth Strategy Consultation will soon begin to develop the Shire's Youth Strategy. Stay tuned for more information.

Need Support?

If you need help and support regarding youth issues, the following links can be useful:

  • Reach Out
    a website that provides information on a range of mental health issues, stories about how other young people have got through tough times and a community forum to get support and understanding from peers facing similar issues (includes information on drugs, alcohol, sexuality, violence and more).

  • Youth Drug Support
    a website for young people when you're looking for info, wanting to chat with others or need a question answered. Whether it's about drugs or alcohol, sex or sexuality or if you're just having a rough time; you'll find honest answers to help you make some good choices. There's news, fact sheets, an interactive poll, a forum, and your opportunity to ask a health professional a question and receive a confidential answer.

  • Kids Helpline
    Phone: 1800 55 1800 (free call from landline).

  • Youth Central
    a website aimed at the youth of Australia, contains everything including School Leavers info, jobs & careers, money management, studying, relationship advice, safe parties and all kinds of important stuff...worth checking out!
  • headspace_landscape.jpgHeadspace Barwon
    helps young people who are going through a tough time. Looking for someone to talk to? If you're 12-25, you can get health advice, support and information from headspace Barwon.