Energy ratings

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In an effort to reduce the effects on the environment and reduce costs; all new homes, home renovations, alterations and additions must comply with the 6 star standard energy rating.


New Homes

All new homes must now have a range of energy and water saving features:

  • Building materials with a 6 star rating

  • Water conservation measures

  • Either a rainwater tank for toilet flushing or solar hot water system


Relocated homes and alterations to existing homes

  • All relocated buildings, alterations and additions must also use building materials with a 6 star rating

  • If your alterations increase the original volume of the building by 50% or more the existing building must also comply the 6 star rating

  • If your alteration increases the floor area of the existing building more than 25% or more than 1,000 square metres, the entire building must comply the 6 star rating


Energy Tips

Energy Tips is a website that helps you find ways to save energy, increase comfort in your home or office, reduce your bills and help the climate.

Explore the Energy Tips website.


Energy Raters

An accredited Energy Rater will need to review your building plans to ensure they meet with the 6 star energy rating.

For a list of energy raters visit either: